Smart E-load Rates and Expiration

Text and call for as low as P30 with Smart Buddy service. Available in SMART Wireless Centers and sari-sari stores nationwide and onlinein the Philippines at or from the US at

Smart E-load: Regular Airtime

Denomination Validity
P1,000.00 60 days
P500.00 60 days
P300.00 60 days
P200.00 30 days
P115.00 12 days
P100.00 10 days
P60.00 6 days
P50.00 5 days
P30.00 3 days
P15.00 1 day

Smart E-load: Text Load

Denomination Price Description Validity
All Text 10 P10.00 5 Smart to Smart,
10 texts to all networks
1 day
All Text 20 P20.00 100 Smart to Smart,
10 texts to all networks
1 day
All Text 20 Upsize P25.00 150 Smart to Smart,
10 texts to all networks
1 day
All Text 40 P40.00 200 Smart to Smart,
20 texts to all networks
2 days
All Text 50 P50.00 300 Smart to Smart,
30 texts to all networks
3 days
Lahatxt 35 P35.00 100 texts to all networks 1 day
All Calls 20 P20.00 10 mins.Smart to Smart
w/ Free 5texts to Smart
Text 20 send to 909
To call:dial *909+Smart#
1 day
All Calls 100 P100.00 100mins.Smart to Smart
w/ Free 30texts to Smart
Text 100 send to 909
To call:dial *909+Smart#
5 days

Smart Call & Text Card

  1. The SMART Buddy Call and Text Card must be used before the stated expiry date printed on the back of the card. The card will be considered invalid upon reaching the expiry date.
  2. You have 60 days to consume the value of a SMART Buddy Call and Text Card from the date it was loaded into your account. Any unconsumed card value will be forfeited after the 60-day period.
  3. When your account balance reaches zero (0), you are given 120 days to reload another value of a SMART Buddy Call and Text Card to keep your account active. During this period, you can continue to receive incoming calls and text messages and make out going collect calls and calls to toll free numbers. However, failure to reload within this time will lead to disconnection of your SMART Buddy Service. To continue enjoying the SMART Buddy Service. You will need to purchase another SMART Buddy SIM Pack.
Denomination Validity
P500.00 60 days
P300.00 60 days
P100.00 10 days

Ask 4 Smart Load

How to ASK-FOR-LOAD Via Smart Text

Dial *808 plus 11-digit cell number of your friend then press call. Your request will automatically be sent.
* All ASK-FOR-LOAD requests are fixed at P5 airtime load.
* Request for ASK-FOR-LOAD is FREE of charge.
* Maximum of 3 requests per day. Succeeding requests will be disallowed and charged P1.00 if applicable.

How to Ask 4 Load Free with

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your email informaion to get your contacts
  3. Enter some of your details so the person receiving the request knows who is asking.
  4. Thats it. Totally Free. Try it Now »

How to Ask 4 Load Via Text with

  1. text: Ask 1 (your 10 digits U.S. or Canadian mobile phone number) (your nickname)
    Example: If your friend’s U.S. or Canadian mobile phone number is 718 123 1234 and your name is Nick, you can type, Ask 17181231234 Nick.
  2. Send the text to the number depending on your carrier.
    If your carrier is Globe, send it to 2201
    If your carrier is Smart, send it to 350
    If your carrier is Sun Cellular, send it to 2201
  3. Thats it your request will be sent.

7 Responses to “Smart E-load Rates, Expiration”

  1. athena says:

    pano po ba ung 3.00/trxt to the phil sa roaming? after magregister,pano ako mgssend ng message na 3.00 lng charge?

  2. hera says:

    magkano po ang tawag from pilipinas to japan?..ndi po roaming…

  3. william says:

    how many days will a 100 eload expire & up to when will you account be active

  4. Jay says:

    Right now, I have Smart Buddy 70 peso load, and it expires Feb 25. If I load a 100 peso call and text card, will it extend to expiry of the existing balance too? For example, if I loaded to new 100 peso card on Feb 20, what would be new expiry be of my original 70 peso balance?

  5. ann says:

    how many days will expire the roaming load, let’s say P30.00 load send to roam sim on abroad, loading is done in the phils

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