Smart Buddy SIM Card

Smart Buddy SIM

Smart Buddy SIM

The Smart Buddy SIM card is one of the most popular SIM cards in the Philippines and abroad. It offers lots of features at a very affordable price. The Smart Buddy card works throughout the Philippines so you will never miss a call or text from a loved one. Traveling outside the Philippines? No problem, simply activate you Smart Buddy for roaming and you are ready to go. Once you activate your Smart Buddy SIM get a Free Smart Load at

Smart Buddy Features

  1. Wide coverage all over the Philippines
  2. Very Powerfull SIM card
    • Store up to 650 phone numbers or 105 text messages with Password Protection
    • Value-added services thru Buddy World
    • Mobile Coupons through Smart
    • Roaming outside the Philippines /smart/roaming-with-smart/”>after activation.
    • Extra features lush as /smart/smart-pasaload/”>Pasaload, BuddyLoad & Smart Padala!
  3. Pass on P2, P5, P10 or P15 pre-paid load to Smart Buddy & Talk ‘N Text subscribers.
  4. Over 15,000 ringtones, logos, picture messages from SMART Cinema Club, Music Link at
  5. Smart Buddy is the only pre-paid Service with Smart Money for cashless transactions.
  6. Roam in over 100 foreign countries

Buy Load for Smart Buddy

Every Smart Buddy SIM needs load to stay active. Don’t let your Smart Buddy Card run out of load or eload in the middle of texting. Learn how to load your Smart Buddy SIM here ยป

You can also get free Smart load at here.

11 Responses to “Smart Buddy SIM”

  1. karen says:

    how to use my smart budy sim failed

  2. lulu says:

    My Sim Card retailer 09204417754 is not working for about 3 weeks I could
    not load and my smart money balance could not be transferred to my load
    wallet 09204417754, please help me solve my problem

  3. Jessica says:

    my sim card is not working becuase na PUK siya pwede p bang magamit un?

  4. yanah says:

    how to activate load wallet?

  5. raven says:

    my sim card cant receive message from abroad some1 help me pls?

  6. alyssa says:

    I can’t receive msgs. from the Philippines. It says that NO NETWORK. Tsk. How can I be able to use my roaming number. ๐Ÿ˜

  7. Gil j. says:

    how to load my smart buddy roaming in kuwait?
    i got 3 loading cards with me and tried 1510
    roaming (the card number)

    but cant load my smart buddy roaming thru this text service

    any help?

    ohh, thanks!!!

  8. angel says:

    pano pu ba mag unli sa smart ung sa 12 pesos

  9. maegel says:

    please response to my question? how to activate no network coverage smart buddy sim card?

  10. jc says:

    pano ba i activate ung smart buddy simcard mismo? d ko magamit at ma loadan at all… pls help….

  11. Grace says:

    How can I activate the roaming coz I was not able to ROAM it before I leave Philippines.

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