Pasaload with Smart

Sharing load via text is very common in the Philippines. Sharing load from one Smart cell phone to another is called Pasaload. Each time you transfer load there is a small charge from the carrier.

How to Pasaload

Smart Pasaload is really simple to do. As long as you have a smart Buddy SIM and you can pass your load to any other Smart Buddy SIM. There will be a charge of P1.00 to the sender for each pasaload regardless of denomination.

Key in [cel number][space][amount] then send to 808
Ex. 09181234567 100
09181234567 200

You can also send P100 and P200 denominations even when roaming.
Charging will be the amount sent, P1 and roaming charges.
Validity of 100 denomination is 10 days.
Validity of 200 denomination is 30 days.
P100 and P200 denominations are exclusive to postpaid.
Smart Buddy and TNT cannot send these denominations.

Smart Pasaload Rates

Pasaload denominations Mechanics Validity / Expiration Airtime Received Texts Received
P2 To send Pasaload key in then send to 808
Ex. 09181234567 2
3 days validity 2 0
P5 5 0
P10 10 0
P15 15 days validity 15 0
P20 20 0
P30 30 0
P60 30 days validity 60 0
P100 100 0
P200 60 days validity 200 0
Lahat Text P35 (Buddy recipients only) To send PasaloadLahat text P35, key in
then send to 808
Ex. 09181234567 LT35
1 day validity 1 100 texts to all networks
Lahat Text P20 (TNT recipients only) To send PasaloadLahat text P20, key in
then send to 808
Ex. 09181234567 LT20
1 day validity 1 50 texts to all networks

Smart Pasaload Online Now

It is possible to buy load online and have the retailer pasaload to your phone. This is really buying to load online but it will have the same effect as Smart Pasaload. Here is a list of sites you can use to Pasaload online to your Smart SIM.

View all online retailers for load and pasaload here »

Smart Load Expiration and Validity

The following expiration date increases based on load amount apply to all Philippine mobile cell phone carriers including Smart, Globe and Sun.

P10 or lower – 3 days
Over P10 to P50 – 15 days
Over P60 to P100 – 30 days
Over P115 – 45 days
Over P200 – 60 days
Over P300 – 75 days
Over P500 – 120 days
• Over P1,000 – 120 days

Pasaload to Globe from Smart

Pasaload from Smart to Globe is not available at this time to the Philippine telecoms lack of interoperability. The simplest way to pasaload from Smart to Globe is to sell a friend with a Smart phone your load and then use the money to buy Globe load.