Smart Money Service

Smart Money Payment Card

Smart Money is a re-loadable payment card that may either be accessed through a Smart mobile phone or a MasterCard powered card, similar to a debit/cash card. Smart Money enables Smart subscribers to manage their money from their mobile phones wherever they are, whenever they want.

Smart Money Services

Transfer Funds with Smart Money

SMART Money gives you the added convenience of money transfers. SMART Money’s money transfers are as easy and as fast as texting. Read more about Smart Money fund transfers here »

Use Smart Money when Shopping

You can use SMART Money at any establishment where MasterCard is accepted. SMART Money is accepted in over 25 million MasterCard establishments worldwide.

Shop Online with Smart Money Online

You can now feel secure when you make purchases online. Smart Money may only be used for online purchases when the account holder unlocks his account using his mobile phone; secured further with a W-PIN.

How to use Smart Money Online

Once you have filled up the necessary payment details in the merchant site, prior to making that payment transaction or clicking the ‘finish button’, you must ‘Unlock’ your account. Please ensure your Smart Money account is linked to your Smart mobile phone to enable access to the unlocking feature of your account.

Recharge with Smart Money

Smart Money enables you to load up on airtime for your SMART Buddy. Its the fastest way to recharge your mobile phone. Read instruction on how to use Smart Money to load here »

Bill Payment with Smart Money

Smart Money provides greater convenience when paying bills. No more waiting in line. Pay your Maynilad, SkyCable, ZpDee, SMART Gold, SMART Bro, NLEX EC Tag at PLDT with Smart Money.

Get Cash From ATMs with Smart Money

SMART Money enables you to withdraw from the Philippines’ most popular ATMs. Pumunta lang sa BDO, BancNet, Expressnet and MegaLink ATM terminals nationwide, plus Cirrus ATM terminals overseas and selecte Smart Money Centers nationwide.

Smart Money Support

Support For Consumers

Call the SMART Money Hotline: 15177 , 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648

Support For Merchants

Call SMART Money Hotline: 15177 , 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648

Smart Money FAQ’s

1. What is Smart Money?

Smart Money is a re-loadable payment card that may either be accessed through a Smart mobile phone or a MasterCard powered card, similar to a debit/cash card. Smart Money enables Smart subscribers to manage their money from their mobile phones wherever they are, whenever they want.

2. What are Smart Money’s features and benefits?

Smart Money provides all the features and benefits you need from the Philippines’ pambayad ng bayan. Shop, pay bills, pay for load and more, only from Smart Money.


With Smart Money, there are no keywords to remember. Through the Smart Money Menu found in your SIM, you will be easily guided on how to make purchases and money transfer transactions.


Transfer funds from your Smart Money account to another Smart Money account through the convenient means of your Smart Money Menu found in your SIM. Money is sent in the speed of a text, for only P2.50 per transaction. Your recipient will be notified of the transaction and will be able to get his cash thru the convenient means of an ATM, via Smart Wireless Centers, and Smart Money Centers.

  • To find a Smart Wireless Center near you, Text SWCTR to 386, or click here.
  • To find a Smart Money Center near you, Text SMCTR to 386, or click here.


Use your Smart Money Card at over 25 million MasterCard retail establishments worldwide and 2.2 million online retail stores, or any Smart Money accredited merchant. Shopping with Smart Money gives you the total shopping experience whether here or abroad.


Be able to Reload any Smart Buddy, Talk ‘N’ Text, and Smart Bro prepaid account using your Smart Money, anytime, anywhere!


Be able to conveniently pay your postpaid subscription of Smart Gold and Smart Bro your monthly bills from Maynilad, PLDT and SkyCable/Zipdee using your Smart Money.


No need to call Customer Service to check your cash balance. You can do all that through your Smart mobile phone. You will also receive notification messages whenever successful transactions are made for your tracking.


Rest assured that losing your Smart Money card does not mean losing the cash value in the card. Your funds are safely stored in Banco de Oro, and not in your mobile phone. Also, your Smart Money is PIN enabled such that you will be prompted for your PIN for any debit transaction.


Need to get access to your cash immediately? You can withdraw your money at any BDO, BancNet, ExpressNet, Megalink, and when abroad, Cirrus ATMs. You can also encash your money at Smart Wireless Centers or Smart Money Centers located nationwide.

3. How to Activate your Smart Money?

Option 1: Key-word Based

i. Type in MONEY and Send it to 343
ii. Subscriber will receive a prompt to enter desired W-PIN.
iii. Re-enter W-PIN and Press OK.
iv. Choose ‘Get Account’ press OK
v. Subscriber will receive a confirmation message with his Smart Money Account.
vi. Subscriber will receive a confirmation message that W-PIN has been set and Menu will be

Option 2: Menu Based

i. Go to SMART MENU and select SMART MONEY
ii. Choose any transaction.
iii. Subscriber will receive a prompt to enter desired W-PIN.
iv. Re-enter W-PIN and Press OK.
v. Choose ‘Get Account’ press OK
vi. Subscriber will receive a confirmation message with his Smart Money Account.
vii. Subscriber will receive a confirmation message that W-PIN has been set and Menu will be

4. How do I get a Smart Money Card?

Step 1: Activate your Smart Money account via your Smart mobile phone (refer to FAQ no. 3)
Step 2: Once you have successfully activated your “Smart Money Account”, go to any SMART Wireless Center and submit the following:

  1. A completely filled out SMART Money Application Form
  2. A photocopy of your Valid ID*
  3. P30 processing fee

For your convenience, you may apply for a Smart Money card online by visiting

*Present a photocopy of any valid ID:

  • For Minors: Photo bearing School ID signed by the Principal or School Head
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Postal ID
  • Voter’s ID
  • Barangay Certification
  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card
  • SSS Card
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • OFW ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Alien Certification of Registration / Immigrant Certificate of Registration
  • Government Office and GOCC ID
  • Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
  • DSWD Certification
  • Integrated BAR of the Philippines ID
  • Company IDs issued by private entities or institutions registered with or supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC or IC.

Step 3: Your Smart Money card will be delivered to your specified address after three (3) days within Metro Manila, seven (7) if provincial. For applications received online, a Smart representative will call the applicant for verification and ask his/her preferred wireless center location for card pick up.

5. What are the qualifications for getting Smart Money Card?

Qualifications to become a Smart Money Cardholder:

  • Must be a Smart Subscriber
  • Age: 12 years– above
  • Citizenship – Filipino & Non-Filipino
  • Residency – Must be a resident of the Philippines
  • Must submit all required documents:
  1. Smart Money Application Form
  2. One valid ID*

*any valid unexpired picture identification in FAQ no. 4.

6. Is there an annual fee for Smart Money?

No. Smart Money is FREE. The accountholder has the prerogative to enroll his/her card under our LOYALTY program for additional perks/privileges. An annual fee of P200 will be charged to the account holder.

7. Can I have several Smart Money cards linked to my phone?

Only a maximum of two (2) Smart Money MasterCards/Accounts may be linked to your Smart mobile phone.

8. How can I be sure that Smart Money is secure?

Smart Money is SAFER and a MORE SECURE payment tool and way of transferring money. Your money is stored in the banking system of BDO and all transactions are PIN protected. You don’t lose all your cash even if you lose your phone or your Smart Money card! All you have to do is call our hotline to report your phone/card loss and we will help you protect your money and issue a new Smart Money card.

9. Where can I reload money for my Smart Money account?

You have four options on where to reload your Smart Money Account:

a) Over the Counter (OTC) – Go to any Smart Wireless Center, Banco De Oro (BDO)* branches nationwide, or to any Smart Money Accredited Outlets.

• To find a Smart Wireless Center near you, Text SWCTR to 386, or click here.
• To find a Smart Money Center near you, Text SMCTR to 386, or click here.

b) Wallet-to-wallet transfer – money transfer from other Smart Money Accounts, remittance from abroad or domestic.

c) Mobile Banking Service (MBS) – Transfer funds using Smart Mobile Banking Service. From select partner banks, you can transfer funds from your bank account straight to your Smart Money Account by just using your mobile phone.

To know how you can enroll to Smart Mobile Banking service, please click here. You can also visit your branch of bank or call 15177 / 845-7777.

d) Smart Money Partners online:

Don’t have Adobe Reader?

10. How can I transfer money from my Smart Money account to another Smart Money account?

a) Go to your SMART MENU select SMART Money.
b) Select Transfer, press OK.
c) Choose Others, then press OK.
d) Enter the 16-digit account number of the recipient, and press OK.
e) Once ‘Transfer from’ is shown on screen, press OK.
f) Select from your list of Smart Money Card Names, then press OK.
g) Enter the Amount to be transferred, and then press OK. (Maximum transfer amount : P10,000)
h) You will receive a confirmation request of your transaction, press OK.
i) Enter your W-PIN, press OK.
j) You will receive a text message of the amount transferred and your new account balance.

11. Can I use my Smart Money card in all MasterCard establishments?

Yes, Smart Money card is legally accredited by MasterCard Electronic and MasterCard Worldwide. You can use your card here in the Philippines and abroad. Your Smart Money card is accepted in approximately 25 million establishments worldwide!

12. How much does a money transfer transaction cost?

You will be charged P2.50 per transaction and will be deducted from your prepaid airtime balance or charged to your postpaid bill.

13. Can I buy prepaid airtime load for myself as well as for my family and friends through Smart Money?

Yes. Using your Smart Money account from your mobile phone, you can buy and send Smart or Talk ‘N’ Text prepaid load for yourself, your friends, and your family. You have the option of buying All-Text 20, P15, P30, P50, P100, P200, P300, P500, and P1000 load denominations. Just go to the Smart Menu and choose the ‘Reload Buddy’ option.

14. How can I get the cash that is stored in my Smart Money account?

You have two options in accessing the cash residing in your Smart Money account:
a) Over-the-counter (OTC) encashment via any Smart Wireless Center or any accredited Smart Money Center.
b) ATM Withdrawal at any BDO, Expressnet, Bancnet, and MegaLink ATMs nationwide or, when abroad, Cirrus ATMs.

15. How much will I be charged for ATM withdrawals? (as of July 1, 2009)

  • Balance Inquiry over the ATM – P2.50
  • BDO ATMs – P3.00
  • Other banks – P12.00 per transaction
  • Overseas ATM (Cirrus) = P200.00 per transaction

16. What is the daily maximum withdrawable amount using my Smart Money?

The maximum withdrawable amount per day is P20,000.

17. What is the allowable maximum money transfer amount?

The maximum amount of money you may transfer per transaction is P10,000.

18. Where is my account number located on my Smart Money card?

Your card number can be found in front of your Smart Money card. This usually begins with 5299-67 or 5577-51.

19. What is online payment via Smart Money Mastercard?

This new feature of Smart Money enables a Smart Money MasterCard cardholder (whose account number begins with 5299-67) to purchase goods and / or services from online merchants accepting MasterCard. Click here to know more on how to make an online purchase with Smart Money MasterCard.

20. Can I use my Smart Money card that starts with 5577-51 for Online Purchases?

No. As of the moment, only Smart Money MasterCard (with account number beginning with 5299-67) can be used for purchases online. Smart Money MasterCard Electronic (with account number beginning with 5577-51) cannot be used for online purchases.

21. How do I link my Smart Money Card to my Smart mobile phone?

Option 1: Keyword based via text

a. Text MONEY 16-digit card # to 343
b. Enter desired W-PIN (6-digits), press OK.
c. Re-enter W-PIN, press OK.
d. Enter your preferred Card Name, press OK
e. Enter your Card-PIN (ATM-PIN), press OK. Card-PIN/ATM-PIN can be the same as your W-PIN.
f. Wait for the text message confirming the transaction.

Option 2: via menu

a. Go to the SMART MENU and select SMART MONEY
b. Choose any transaction.
c. Enter desired W-PIN (6-digits).
d. Re-enter W-PIN, press OK.
e. Choose “Link a Card”, press OK
f. Enter 16-digit card #, press OK
g. Follow steps d to f above.

22. Can I apply for a Smart Money MasterCard even if I already have a Smart Money MasterCard Electronic?

Yes. You can apply for a Smart Money MasterCard even if you already have a Smart Money MasterCard Electronic. To get your Smart Money MasterCard, please visit the nearest Smart Wireless Center.

23. What is the difference between making an online purchase using Smart Money Card vs. credit card or other debit cards?

When making an online purchase with Smart Money, you are assured that your account is protected and secure because:

  1. You can set the amount of money you place in your account equivalent to the exact amount of your online purchase.
  2. Your Smart Money account comes with a security feature which allows you to lock and unlock your account specifically for internet transactions. You will be prompted for your WPIN to unlock your account.
  3. You will receive an SMS notification for every transaction that you make with your account. All of the above features are not available via your regular credit or debit cards.

24. Why do I need to unlock my Smart Money Account every time I purchase online?

For your protection, your Smart Money account is locked for internet transactions by default. We encourage you to unlock your account using your mobile phone before you finalize any online purchase. Unlocking of your account will require you to enter your W-PIN, which will validate that you have indeed authorized an online transaction.

25. I can’t find the ‘Internet Txn’ option in my Smart Money Menu. How do I proceed with my online purchase?

To get the ‘Internet Txn’ option in your Smart Money Menu, please ensure that your Smart Money Card is linked to your mobile phone. If the ‘Internet Txn’ option in your Smart Menu is still not available, just text ‘INTERNET’ and send to 343 for free.

26. How can I be sure that it is safe to purchase / transact online?

For your protection, your Smart Money account is locked for internet transactions by default. You are the only authorized person who can unlock/lock your Smart Money account since this transaction will require you to enter your WPIN. Once you have unlocked your account, you will be able to make an online transaction.

27. How much will I be charged for Unlock/Lock transaction of my Smart Money Account?

P2.50 will be charged from your airtime for every Unlock transaction while Lock transaction will not be charged a fee.

28. How many times can I unlock my account in a day?

There is no limit to the number times you can unlock your account. However, when you purchase online, only a maximum amount of P50,000 per day is allowed.

29. How will I know if I have a successful online purchase transaction?

You will receive an SMS notification confirming your successful transaction. You will be notified of the amount purchased, merchant name, and your new Smart Money account balance.

30. Who will be accountable in case the online merchant failed to deliver the goods and/or services that I ordered/purchased?

Smart Money is a payment channel that enables you to make purchases via the internet. Smart has no control over, and is not responsible or accountable for, the products or services that are paid for using Smart Money via the internet or online merchants.

Smart cannot ensure that a buyer or a seller you are dealing with will actually complete the transaction. For your protection, we encourage you to only deal or transact with reputable online merchants. Please also note that online merchants may have varying payment processes.

31. Who can I call for additional questions or clarifications?

Please call our Smart Money Hotline (632) 845-7777 (for landline); *7777 or 15177 (for Smart cell phones – toll free).

35 Responses to “Smart Money”

  1. hcb says:

    I have a security bank savings account whos a member of bancnet. Is there any way I can transfer funds from my security bank account to smart money? Thanks!!

    • Alvin says:

      Hi HCB,
      you can enroll your SBC CA/SA to SMart Mobile Banking Service. Once enrolled, you can RELOAD your SMART MONEY ACCOUNT from your SECURITY BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT.

      You may call the Smart Money hotline for a detailed step by step enrollment process. You need your ATM Card Number and ATM Pin to enroll using your Smart SIM.

  2. Felipe Jimenez says:


    I need to know if I can create a account with you from USA, and I can withdraw in USA of some way?

    Thanks for any help

  3. norayda mohammad says:

    dear smart..

    i complain one of my purchase in september 14 2011,
    kasi po nag buk ako true online na badtrip ako sa smart kasi nag buk ako nabawas namn sa pera ko pero hindi lumabas ang electronic ticket ko sana nman tulungan nyo akong bumalik sa accnt ko ang pera 377650

  4. karla mae salac says:

    anong pweding gawin pag na blocked ang account mo sa SMART MONEY CARD?

    • Alvin says:

      Hi KARLA MAE,
      please call Smart Money hotline at 8457777.
      I think they just need to get the complete information from you – name, address, etc….

      • Alvin says:

        you can also send a direct message via twitter to Smart Customer care regarding your concern : @SmartCares

      • Dumbest mistake ever choosing SMART!! says:

        WOW!!!! namimili lang kayo ng Question or Comments na gusto nyo replyan???? Dami ibang nag tatanong, complaints, comments tapos iilan lang ang may reply????

  5. karla mae salac says:

    d po kasi namen makuha yung pera namen eh?

  6. raymond yape lo says:

    dear smart

    my complain lang ako kasi my pera ako s smartmoney ATM ko kaso hindi ko makuha pumunta ako s smart wareless center dito sa SM bacoor ang sabi na block accont. na daw eh paano ko makukuha ung pera ko?tumawag nmn ako sa 151777 ang sbi eh mgpill up dw aq ng form at mgbigay ng new ID at sla n dw ang bahala kso hindi po ganun ngyari eh hindi yata alam ung nsa smart wareless n anu ang gagawin paano po ba ito sana matulungan po sana aq s problema ko na bumalik ung smartmoney accont. ko ksi mgfriday n nmn my pa2sok p pera s atm q hindi q n nmn mkukuha..plzzzz…smart plsss help me nmn.

  7. melani ablan says:

    nagpapaload dati ang mother ko na stop sya ng 1 month magpapaload sna sya ulit ang kaso di n daw pwede yong sim load wallet nya pwede daw ipa activate ang kaso hinihingi nila yong smart maney account nung cp number ang problema nakalimutan n ng mother ko yong account ang tanong ko pano at saan pwedeng makuha uli yong account ng smart money ng mother ko.

  8. don says:

    di na matransferan smartmoney ko dahil na accumulate na raw ang 100k limit for 1 month.. ano dapat gawin?

  9. donjester alindayo says:

    dami namang reklamo nakakadistrak naman kung ang smart mismo di nio kayang tugunan ang manga reklamo sa inyo eeh magandang itigil nio na ang walang kwentang mobile banking na yan letse

    • lariz says:

      Daming palya dito.. dalawa na smartmoney ko.. tawag ako ng tawag sa smart , sinasagot nga mga tanung pero di naman nasosolve ung problem.. until now i can’t withdraw!

  10. elwin says:

    paano po yan, gusto ko mag apply ng smart money card? malayo po smart wireless center dito?

  11. Bevs says:

    i ask my sister to reload mysmart money tru bdo deposit, but every time i check my balance it appears 00 balance. my sister confirmed that money was deposited.what happened?thanks!

  12. YeyMe says:

    Is there a way to transfer my current cell phone load, regardless as to how much at one time, to the smart money card which happens to be about the only useful way for me to use it?

  13. Mike says:

    i have problem with my smart money account since 2 months ago i call the hotline and they say my account is generic that’s why i can’t withdraw or even transfer my balance the reason why is generic? The Agent say because i register Online? i go to SM megamall Smart wireless center and fill out form to fix my account they say wait for 5 working days 1month pass and still same problem…. were is the convenience on Online Application?

  14. jerry says:

    smart hotline is free for concerns

  15. Mr. Mura Kuripot says:

    When I try sending money into USA where they ask for my SM#, 99% I get confirmation into my CP. BUT the USA merchants computers say “TRANSACTION DENIED” or something similar. For more than 90 days I’ve requested repeatedly a “statement of account” from the Makati office or offices in the provinces, to no avail. Phoning 15177 does nothing but brings promises I have to wait. Question: How do I discover my “statement of account”? 09994767951 if you have answers.

  16. mr . eawn says:

    paano dapat ko gawin sa smart padala, nag padla kc ko ng pera using smart padala, kso nung ikiclaim na, in active napala ung pinadalhan ko at ung sim na ginagamit e cira na, at ung authorized person e.wal iba na ang may take over..pls. help

  17. Daisy Jane Paalisbo says:

    I tried to withdraw my money from my Smart Money Card yesterday at a nearby BDO ATM. But, the machine prompt ( Prepaid Card load is not available as of the moment) Bakit po ganun ang message? Is it possible na sa branch lang na yun hindi available makapag.withdraw? Thanks

    • Dee Vega says:

      Same thing happened with me sis and until now im still not able to withdraw and as per the CSR sa smart, my card daw is generic so i am not going to be able to withdraw until my account was personalized..kc sa online application ko lang daw to inapply…what happened with ur card? i would like to know if ur able to withdraw na?

  18. imz says:

    my problem is just the same with mr. eawn. I called the smart hotline and they advised me to let them talk to the account owner. that`s all.

  19. jayson says:

    Ask ko lang po if posible ba makaka withdraw ako sa BDO Bank ng pera using my smart money account??

  20. Make Money Online In Malaysia says:

    Valuable info. Fortunate me I discovered your site by accident, and I am surprised why this accident didn’t came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  21. Ana says:

    Sobrang laki ng deduction fr. airtime balance nyo from P2.50 to P5.00 wala n kmi kinikita s aming SMARTPADALA CENTER,ok lang sana kung incoming,sana ibalik n lang ung dati,hindi naman km mkapagtaas kwawa din mga customer outgoing or incoming may charge cla.

  22. Lycelle says:

    nag bayad ako ng smartbro thru smartmoney ngayon lang. Nabayaran ko yung smartbro. itatry ko din sana na bayaran na yung meralco bill namin but it says: “You have exceeded your account limits. Please call the Customer Hotline No. on your card.”

    Bat ganun? 999 lang, nag exceed na agad. try ko tawagan ang custcare nila tomorrow.

  23. marizette says:

    bkit di ko matransfer ang smartmoney ko sa smartload wallet tumawag na ako tapos gnawa ko nmn ang cnv nung operator pero ayaw pa din

  24. Anne says:

    Can I transfer my Smart Buddy mobile credits (load) to a smart money account?

  25. Annabelle lanza says:

    Nag apply ako ng smartmoney card for personal use ,tapos na reject ,which is I’m not sure kung bakit. Tumawg ako sa customer service ,tapos binigyan ako ng service request number ,after nung nabigyan ako sinabi sakin call after 24hours ,tapos nung tinawagan ko ,ang sabi Tawg na namn after 24 hours ,trice ng puro ganun ung sinasabi

  26. Salah Hashem Mohammed says:

    Dear Sir
    I received by DHL the
    Master card
    Smart Money
    Electronic use only
    Valid 07/15-07/17
    The card is issued by BDO bank,Inc

    I can’t use my card to pay the bill’s and get to money from atm machine
    I want pin number (4 digital number) to access to atm machine
    Also I want transfer some money to my wife account online
    When I put my card inside atm machine to get to some money. The machine ask for the password number(4 number) I don’t have the password number. Because when I receive the atm card by DHL. I didn’t find the. Pin number with the card
    so that i need to the password to use it when i access my card in atm machine to get to the money or when i going to pay somethings from the stories also i want the website and the username and the password to access inline to transfer the money

  27. Jesson Valentin says:

    Dahil a reached ko na ang 1000..kailngan ko mag report sa smart branch para magamit ko uli so ….ginawa ko sabi sabi csr 3 days daw ang process..pero after ng 3 days d ko parin magamit..nakakabaliw naman….sana hindi na sana ganun..para d naman kami umasa….pera ang pinaguusapan dito….kaya kung hindi maayos ang ganitong pamamalakad…ayusin nio naman o kaya…bigyan agad ng kaagarang aksyon..

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