Smart Dubby Prepaid SIM

Smart Buddy

Smart Buddy is one of the most popular SIM options for Smart Telecom Philippines. Why Smart Buddy is the nation’s prepaid cellular service.

  1. Smart Buddy offers the widest coverage area.
  2. Has a powerfull SIM card.
    1. Store up to 650 phone numbers or 105 text
    2. messages with Password Protection,
    3. Earn extra money! Start a business with BuddyLoad,
    4. Free balance text inquiry,
    5. Exciting value-added services thru Buddy World,
    6. Buddy perks with Mobile Coupons!
    7. Instant access to STARTXT, Pick-of-the-Week logos and ringtones,
    8. B-My-Buddy Chat, Smart Cinema Club and more exciting services
    9. exclusive to Smart subscribers,
    10. International roaming,
    11. Amazing innovations like Pasaload, BuddyLoad & Smart Padala!
  3. Simply lets you accumulate FREE text, the more card value you load, the more FREE text messages you get.
  4. Simply has the most affordable ways of staying connected.
  5. Simply allows you to pass on P2, P5, P10 or P15 pre-paid load to Smart Buddy & Talk ‘N Text subscribers.
  6. Simply has the most flexible ways of loading pre-paid credits.
  7. Simply has the most number of value-added services. Over 15,000 ringtones, logos, picture messages from SMART Cinema Club, Music Link, and more!
  8. Simply the only pre-paid Service with Smart Money for cashless transactions.
  9. Simply has the most roaming partners worldwide, in over 100 destinations.
  10. Simply has the hottest parties and most awaited sales events.

Smart Buddy Super SIM 3 Card

Allows you to store up to 650 phone numbers or 105 text messages complete with password protection. Plus, it provides you instant access to Buddy Balance, Buddy Perks, Buddy World and Mobile e-commerce. No service keywords or access numbers to memorize. You can even personalize your menus to fit your lifestyle. Browse through this User’s Guide for quick and easy access to your Super SIM 3!

Smart Buddy PasaLoad

The world’s first service from SMART that allows you to pass on load for as low as P2 from your SMART Buddy load to your friends and loved ones’ Buddy celfone. That’s another Mobile e-commerce innovation from SMART.

It’s so easy to PasaLoad!

1. Key in friend’s Celfone # amount
2. and send to 808
3. Your friend will receive a text notification.

Choose from the following available amounts:

Pasaload denominationsMechanicsValidityAirtime ReceivedTexts Received
P2To send Pasaload key in then send to 808
Ex. 09181234567 2
3 days validity20
P1515 days validity150
P6030 days validity600
P20060 days validity2000
Lahat Text P35 (Buddy recipients only)To send Pasaload
Lahat text P35, key in
then send to 808
Ex. 09181234567 LT35
1 day validity1100 texts to all networks
Lahat Text P20 (TNT recipients only)To send Pasaload
Lahat text P20, key in
then send to 808
Ex. 09181234567 LT20
1 day validity150 texts to all networks

Rate: P1.00 per pasaload transaction.

Mas pinatindi pa ang paborito mong PASALOAD!

Dahil ang ALL TEXT packages ay puwede mo ng ipasa!

Just text the cell number ng pagbibigyan mo, space, AT and send to 808.
Ex: 09181234567 AT10 – for Alltext 10
09181234567 AT20 – for Alltext 20
09181234567 AT40 – for Alltext 40
09181234567 AT50 – for Alltext 50
09181234567 AT25 – for Alltext Upsize P20

For Lahat text 35, key-in send to 808.
Ex: 09181234567 LT35

All Text PackagesAirtimeSmart to Smart/
Talk ‘N Text
Smart to
other networks
All Text P1015101 day
All Text P201100101 day
All Text P401200202 days
All Text P501300303 days
All Text Upsize P201150101 day
Lahat Text P3514551 day


The world´s first electronic pre-paid load that lets you text and even call for as low as P30. Available in SMART Wireless Centers and sari-sari stores nationwide. Just look for the BuddyLoad sign.

E-load: Regular Airtime

P1,000.00120 days
P500.00120 days
P300.0075 days
P200.0060 days
P115.0045 days
P100.0030 days
P60.0030 days
P50.0015 days
P30.0015 days
P15.0015 days
P10.003 days
P5.003 days

E-load: Text Load

All Text 10P10.005 Smart to Smart,
10 texts to all networks
1 day
All Text 20P20.00100 Smart to Smart,
10 texts to all networks
1 day
All Text 20 UpsizeP25.00150 Smart to Smart,
10 texts to all networks
1 day
All Text 40P40.00200 Smart to Smart,
20 texts to all networks
2 days
All Text 50P50.00300 Smart to Smart,
30 texts to all networks
3 days
Lahatxt 35P35.00100 texts to all networks1 day
All Calls 20P20.0010 mins.Smart to Smart
w/ Free 5texts to Smart
Text 20 send to 909
To call:dial *909+Smart#
1 day
All Calls 100P100.00100mins.Smart to Smart
w/ Free 30texts to Smart
Text 100 send to 909
To call:dial *909+Smart#
5 days

Call & Text Card

Validity Periods:

1. The SMART Buddy Call and Text Card must be used before the stated expiry date printed on the back of the card. The card will be considered invalid upon reaching the expiry date.

2. You have 60 days to consume the value of a SMART Buddy Call and Text Card from the date it was loaded into your account. Any unconsumed card value will be forfeited after the 60-day period.

3. When your account balance reaches zero (0), you are given 120 days to reload another value of a SMART Buddy Call and Text Card to keep your account active. During this period, you can continue to receive incoming calls and text messages and make out going collect calls and calls to toll free numbers. However, failure to reload within this time will lead to disconnection of your SMART Buddy Service. To continue enjoying the SMART Buddy Service. You will need to purchase another SMART Buddy SIM Pack.

P500.00120 days
P300.0075 days
P100.0030 days

With SMART, you’re always FREE to ask.


Ngayon, saan man o anumang oras ka maabutan ng zero balance, ok lang kasi pwede ka na mag ASK-FOR-LOAD for free!


Dial *808 plus 11-digit cell number of your friend then press call. Your request will automatically be sent.

ask4load sms text message
* All ASK-FOR-LOAD requests are fixed at P5 airtime load.
* Request for ASK-FOR-LOAD is FREE of charge.
* Maximum of 3 requests per day. Succeeding requests will be disallowed and charged P1.00 if applicable.

ASK-FOR-LOAD sender:

Just reply with YES or NO .

ask4load sms text message

* P1 transaction fee applies.
* Default denomination: P5.00

Kaya pagdating sa zero balance load situations,
saan ka pa kundi sa leader in load innovations, SMART!

Smart Buddy Rates

Here is a rate table for Smart Buddy SMS, MMS, Voice calls and more. Be sure to look this over before using your Smart Buddy SIM so you know how much you will be charged for each service.

Call TypeBuddy
Smart Buddy to Smart BuddyP6.50 per minute
Smart Buddy to Other Smart BrandsP6.50 per minute
Smart Buddy to Smart Link Domestic/ InternationalP6.50 per minute
Smart Buddy to other networkP7.50 per minute
NDD RateP7.50 per minute
Voice Mail RetrievalP6.50 per minute
Local CallsP7.50 per minute
PLDT Premium Service CallsP10.00 per minute
WAP via CSDP6.50 per minute
WAP via GPRSP10 for every 30 minutes
SMSP1.00 for every 160 characters
MMSP1.00 per message sent
(Smart to Smart)
P 2.00 per message sent
(Smart to other networks)
International SMSP 15.00 for every 160 characters
International MMSP20.00 per message sent
Prepaid SMS while RoamingP20.00 per message

Smar Buddy International Services

Missing friends and loved ones overseas?

With SMART Buddy you don’t need a special occasion to make that long distance call. Because at only $0.40 a minute, phoning abroad has never been more convenient.

To make a SMART Buddy IDD call, just dial: Country Code • Area Code • Party’s Number and press send on your SMART GSM celfone

SMART International Text Service

Friends and families are only a few taps away with Smart International Text. This service allows you to send and receive SMS to and from any place in the world.

Start sending Pinoy humors and inspirational messages via the fastest, most convenient and most affordable international text messaging service only from Smart.

It’s so easy, just compose your text message and send to your loved ones’ number using the following international format: Country Code • Mobile Code • Party’s Number and press send on your SMART GSM cellphone.

SMART International MMS*

Want to send a cool photo to your friends or families on the other side of the world? Let Smart Buddy bring life and color to your messages with Smart International MMS.

Combine graphics and texts, sounds and hues, unleash your creativity and enjoy the convenience of sending or receiving multimedia messages internationally using Smart International MMS.

* Only available for MMS capable handsets

SMART International Video Call*

Enjoy unbridled face-to-face communication with your loved ones despite distance. Talk to your clients with impressive video connectivity. Get more than your usual international calls.

When words are not enough, you can keep connections alive with Smart International Video Calls.

* Only available for 3G capable handsets

SMART International Voice Text

When typing text messages can be a task, shout them out with Smart International Voice Text.

Available for postpaid and prepaid subscribers, you can now send or receive voice clips from friends and colleagues overseas.

Text abroad for P0.55*
sa walang patid na text-bonding, tuloy-tuloy Ang Saya!

Mag-register na!

i-text ang ITEXT
sa 4090

○ Cost of registration is P2.50 per message sent.
○ For registration to be successful, the party to be texted must agree to receive messages.

Open to U.S.**, United Kingdom and Hong Kong***

Package TypeAmountMaximum No.
of Int’l Texts
Effective Cost Per
Int’l Text Sent
Good for 1 day
Good for 3 days
Good for 5 days
Good for 7 days

Each message must contain a maximum of 160 characters.
**Applies to Cingular, Verizon, Sprint and Alltel
***Applies to 1528 Smart


Smart MMS

Dahil sa P1.00 MMS share moments galore thru pics kaya kitang-kita ANG SAYA! MaMiSo na lang magpadama ng pagmamahal! Dahil :-PISO na lang mag-send ng SMART MMS.


text SET to 211. eg: SET N6600

Available in MMS and 3G phones, P1.00 charge applies to SMART to SMART MMS,
MMS to other networks is at P2.00.

Voice Text

Ngayon, ang text mo, may voice na. P2.50 lang!
Just dial *899 (cel number) Try it now!

1. Dial *899 recipient’s 11-digit cel number.
2. Record your message after the voice prompt.
3. End call.

After hearing the message a confirmation alert will be sent to inform the sender that the message was heard.

Send the Voice Text you received to *899 recipient’s no.
(eg: 89909201234567)

Voice TXT is 30 seconds only
Only first retrieval is FREE.
Succeeding retrieval of same message is P1.00 each.

Voice Email

Now, every-buddy can send voice messages to any eMail!
With new SMART Buddy Voice eMail, your friends will be happy to hear from you!

With any type of cellphone, send a personal voice message to anyone, anywhere in the world for only P2.50/message!

• No need for special handsets!
• No Need to download special programs or applications!
• Adding an email address is free of charge!

Text MAIL to 8990. P2.50 per text!

Colored Text

Eto na ang First Person-To-Person Colored Text Messaging from SMART!

Ngayon, ang text mo naka-colored fonts na and may backgrounds pa! Kaya mas may dating ang text mo! Para ma-enjoy ang ColorTxt, both the sender and receiver should have the application first. Standard subscription fee of P15 for 15 days. Regular SMS rates apply when sending messages.

to download the application on your celfone.
Text COLOR to 2897 For FREE!*
*First two request to download is free while the succeeding will be charged P2.50.

Simply click on the waplink when you get there.

Text SET
to 211. Ex: SET N6600
Colortxt is compatible with Java-capable phones only.


Why settle for ordinary words to express extraordinary feelings? Let Kooltext transform your ordinary text messages into fantastic, colorful and animated MMS messages to show how you really feel!

Mas nakakakilig na, mas cool pa ang dating!
From plain text message to colorized KOOLTEXT message.

3 Ways to send a KOOLTEXT message

1. For MMS capable handsets,
Type MMS
and send to 2944.
Ex: MMS 09191234567 Honey I love you!

2. For non-MMS capable handsets,
Type PIC
and send to 2944.
Ex: PIC 09191234567 Honey I love you!

3. If the recipient is already registered,
Just type to 2944.
Ex: Honey Busy now? Don’t forget I love you!

Two ways to register your friend’s mobile number:

1. For MMS capable handset,
Type REG <11 digit mobile #> to 2944
Ex: REG Honey 09191234567

2. For non-MMS capable handset,
Type REG PIC <11 digit mobile #> to 2944
Ex: REG PIC Honey 09191234567

For more information, text KOOLTEXT to 2944. P2.50 per message sent.



Ang unang all-in-one messenger service para sa iyong cellphone at computer! Unlimited chat, unlimited email at may FREE text pa.* The only messenger service with text bundle. Libre pa itong i-download!


Pwedeng online all the time ang dating mo sa Buddies mo. At siguradong kuha mo agad ang lahat ng messages mo.

FREE Trial ongoing! Libreng gamitin ang Uzzap! May unlimited chat, unlimited e-mail at may *10 FREE txt per day* ka pa!*using Uzzap


All-in-one messaging service sa cellphone man o computer mo

• May unlimited chat at unlimited email with your Buddies in the Uzzap community!
• Pwede sa favorite messenger mo.
• The only messenger with text bundle.
• Send SMS to your Smart contacts directly from Uzzap!

Maraming makaka chat

• Let Uzzap automatically match your address book contacts with the rest of Uzzap subscribers, and watch your Buddy list grow nang walang ka hassle hassle.
• Easy to invite your friends to Uzzap so you can all enjoy unlimited chatting.
• Connect to your contacts on other popular messengers.

Walang putol ang chat – chat kahit saan, kahit kalian.

• Chat continuously on your cellphone or your PC dahil unlimited ito!
• Pwedeng always online ang dating mo sa buddies mo
• Siguradong kuha mo agad ang lahat ng messages mo sa Uzzap

Ano pang inaantay mo… download na … Now na!

• NO browsing charges. NO Log-in Fees
• NO Download and Registration Fees
• Unlimited at Affordable.
• Ready to use with your current mobile number – no need to buy new SIMs


Download is FREE.
No Registration or log-in fees
No internet browsing charges for Smart mobile subscribers

• Unlimited Chat!
• Unlimited Email
• Messaging mobility and flexibility
• Only all-in-one messenger service
• Free to download
• No internet browsing charges for Smart mobile subscribers.


How do I download and install UZZAP?

a. Text UZZAP to 7272

You will receive an SMS with the link

Click on the link to connect to the download server. The server will detect your handset type and allow you to download the correct version of the program to your phone.

To set MMS, GPRS and 3G, text SET
and send to 211.

b. Download the application and install it.

After installing the application, the program will take you straight to the next step that allows you to register an Uzzap account

What computers run the PC Version?

Currently the most stable PC version is available for computers running Windows XP or Vista operating systems. If you’re a Mac OSX user, you’ll need to run Windows on your Mac to use the program.

How do I install it?

Using your web browser, go to
Upon connecting you will see a dialog box that allows you to save the installation EXE file to your computer After the file has been saved, run the EXE file, and it will install the Messenger program. The installation will create a new program group called ‘Uzzap’.

From the Windows Start button, select “Programs” and you should see the “Uzzap” folder. This will contain two program icons – one called ‘Uzzap’ for the Messenger and one called ‘Uninstall’ which will remove the program.

You may want to copy the Uzzap icon to your Windows desktop to make it easier to find.

How do I run it?
Make sure you have an active Internet connection. Just click on the Uzzap icon. It will connect to the Uzzap server, and away you go.

click here for more information about Uzzap product

Mobile Internet

Surf the Internet from your Smart Buddy prepaid cellphone. Anytime Anywhere. It’s fast and affordable.

• Smart Mobile Internet
Get the latest promos and freshest Mobile Internet Sites
• Connect with Friends
Check latest updates on your Facebook, Friendster, Multiply or other social networks
• Mobile Email
Access your email on your phone whether it’s Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or exchange email from your office or personal emails.
• News and Info
Find the info you need, read latest news or search for information
• More Mobile Internet
Access the wealth of Internet’s information and services from your mobile phone anytime anywhere!

All these and more through Smart’s Mobile Internet service!

• Mobile Internet Portal

Smart gives you the latest in Mobile Internet freebies, promos, tips and tricks and a whole lot more! From your Smart Mobile phone, logon to to get the latest of mobile internet services!

All these and more on

• Connect with Friends

Stay connected with friends and family through your favorite social networks via mobile phone.

• Mobile e-mail

Need to access your email anytime, anywhere? A few clicks on your celfone would solve your problem. Send and receive mails or search the web even without a computer.

• News, Search and Info

Stay abreast with latest News, Search and Information through local and international news and search providers.

• Apps for Mobile Internet

Tools to download unto your mobile phone.
Send your photos or videos to friends and family, email or social networks as simply as pressing the button
Gmail for Mobile is a Gmail client
right in your phone
Yahoo! Go is today’s essential solution for anyone with a mobile phone, an all-in-one offering

Check out Smart’s Mobile Internet Portal on your phone, visit .

Get connected to the net straight from the palm of your hand. Anytime. Anywhere.

Friendster Mobile Unli 20


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Friendster Unli P20?
    • Friendster Unli P20 allows Smart subscribers to access their Friendster accounts using their mobile phone all day, for only P20 a day.
  2. When is Friendster Unli P20 available?
    • Friendster Unli P20 is already available and can be used right now on you mobile phone browser.
  3. What link should I go to in order to avail of the Friendster Unli P20?
    • Simply enter on your wap browser.
  4. Is there a maintaining load balance in order for me to use Friendster Unli?
    • Yes, you must have a minimum load balance of P1.00 while you are on Friendster Unli.
  5. Are there additional charges besides the P20?
    • No, there are no further deductions while subscribed to Friendster Unli.
  6. What will happen if I use Friendster for more than 24 hours?
    • You will be charged another P20 if you extend the use of Friendster Unli beyond the 24-hour subscription.
  7. Can I avail of Friendster Unli P20 if I’m using my cellphone as a PC modem?
    • No, you must use your phone’s standard wap browser to avail of the unli rate. Promo rate is also not applicable if you are using the Opera Mini application to browse and access Friendster Unli.
  8. Will I be charged if I browse other sites or if I click on third party advertisements within Friendster?
    • Yes, you will be charged Smart’s standard internet browsing rate of P10/30 minutes.
  9. I don’t want to access Friendster but not the whole day because I want to go to other sites also. Is there a way for me to check my Friendster account and not be deducted P20?
  10. If I avail of the Friendster Unli P20 now and I stop, and then I use it again later on in the day, will I be deducted another P20?
    • No, as long as you are using , you will be on time-based charging. You can enter/exit Friendster as long as it is within the 24-hour time frame. Once you enter beyond the 24 hours, you will be charged another P20.
  11. Is Friendster Unli P20 available to Buddy pre-paid subscribers only?
    • No, Friendster Unli P20 is available to Smart Gold post-paid subscribers also.