Remit Money to the Philippines and India

Sending money from one country to another is called Remittance. There are many people in the US that send money back home to the Philippines, India or many other countries. Western Union is a great way to send money back home and has been arround for many years. Recently new companies have started to allow people to more easily send money through a websites or mobile phone.

Remitly Send Money to the Philippines or India

A new site called Remitly has great rates to send money abroad. From their website at you can choose to quickly send money for a flat fee of $3.99 or if you are not in a rush you can send the money for free. They have a great exchange rate of 1 USD = 44.06 PHP Philippine Pesos to Philippines and 63.15 Express transfer 3-Day delivery 63.31 to India as of 7/14/2015 .

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