How to Share a load, Pasaload, Globe Smart and Sun

In the Philippines prepaid mobile phone users are able to share and pass their recharge load from one phone to another on the same network. Each carrier Smart Pasaload, Globe Load Pasaload, Share a load and Sun Give-a-load have different rules and charges when sharing recharge load.

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Smart Communications Philippines Logo

Smart Communications Philippines Logo

Pasaload Smart Instruction

Share recharge minutes from one Smart cell phone to another is called Smart Pasaload. In order to share minutes both phones must be usinga  prepaid SIM card such as Smart Buddy. The amount of load shared i sup to the user and can be as low as P2. Load expiration varies.

Smart Pas-a-load Instructions

This is how to pasaload from one Smart cell phone to another. You will get a text message notifying you if the user you are sharing with is not on the Smart network and that the share has failed.

  1. Text [mobile number to send load to] space [amount to share]
  2. Send the text to 808
    Example: 09181234567 P300
  3. Your friend will receive a text notification if the pasaload is successful.

Pasaload from Smart to Globe

There is no simple way to pasaload from a Smart SIM card to a Globe SIM card at this time. The work around is to sell your Smart load to someone with a Smart SIM and then buy Globe load for your Globe SIM.

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Globe Telecom Philippine Logo

Globe Telecom Philippine Logo

Globe Pasaload and Share-a-load Instruction

Globe prepaid subscribers can transfer load through Globe Pasaload or Globe Share-a-load. The amount shared is up to the user sending the load but the expiration varies by amount sent. To get the latest load expirations text [HELP] to 2916.

How to Share-a-load or Pasaload with Globe

  1. Text-in the load amount you would like to share.
    Example: [P300]
  2. Send the text to “2” plus your friend’s 10-digit phone number (P1.00 per send).
    Example: 2917xxxxxxx
  3. You and your friend will receive a message confirming the successful reload.
  4. After the first load, you will receive a text message prompting for a 4-digit PIN. Use it to protect your phone against unauthorized loading.
  5. Starting with your next load, text in amount and 4-digit PIN.
    Example: 5 1234

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Sun Giveaload Pasaload Logo

Sun Give a load Pasaload Logo

How to Give-a-Load, Share a load Sun Cellular

Sharing load on the Sun network is called Sun Give-a-load. With Sun give a load users can share load from one peso to twenty pesos. Load expiration varies based on the amount sent consult Sun for current expirations and fees for transfer by texting HELP to 2292.

Instructions Sun Give-a-load

  1. Text [amount (P1- P20)] space [11-digit recipients mobile number]
  2. Send to 2292
    Example: 300 09223214567

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Questions about Pasaload?

Leave a comment below and someone will try to answer. If you see a comment that you have an answer to feel free to reply.

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