Globe Tattoo Prepaid SIM Card

The Globe Tattoo SIM card can be used with a Tattoo Broadband stick to give your USB equipped device access to the internet.

Prepaid SIM for call, text and internet.

Globe Tattoo SIM CardGLobe Tattoo SIM Card

Globe Tattoo SIM CardGlobe Telecom Tattoo SIM Card

Globe Tattoo SIM Featuers

  • Full Access to myGlobe and menu personalization
  • Text with No Expiry Promo
  • Unlimited Call and Text Promos
  • Exclusive Deals with Hot Brands
  • Surf at P5 for 15 minutes

Globe Tattoo Calling Rates

  • Php 6.50/min Globe – Globe/TM
  • Php 7.50/min Globe – Others
  • Php 7.50/min Globe – Landline
  • Php 7.00/min NDD nationwide
  • $ 0.40/min IDD international
  • Php 7.50/min Globe – Globe Local Video Call

Globe Tattoo Text Rates

  • Php 1.00/message- All Networks
  • Php 15.00/message – International

Globe Tattoo Promotions

We have a Globe Promo section here »

Tattoo prepaid SIM for text and calls.

globe-tattoo-sim-card-05Globe Tattoo Prepaid SIM P300 call, text.Globe Tattoo Prepaid SIM P500 call, text.

Tattoo Text and Call SIM Card Amounts

P100: Valid 45 days, 0 free texts

P300: Valid 75 days, 35 free texts

P500: Valid 120 days, 85 free texts

If you are in the Philippines you can order a Tattoo SIM card here »

Load Globe Tattoo Online

There are many online retailers that will allow you to load your Globe Tattoo prepaid SIM now.
Here are all the available online stores for Tattoo load »

What is the Tattoo Prepaid SIM Only?

The Tattoo Prepaid SIM allows you to connect to the internet even while you’re on the go. Just insert your Tattoo Prepaid SIM to a Tattoo Broadband Stick and connect the device to any available USB port on your netbook, notebook, or desktop computer.
How much is a Tattoo SIM?

The Tattoo Prepaid SIM now only costs P40.

What freebies do I get when I buy the Tattoo Prepaid SIM Only?

The Tattoo Prepaid SIM now comes with FREE non-stop surfing for one day on Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, and Youtube.

To claim the freebie, text FREEBASIC to 8888.You’ll automatically receive a notification once you’ve successfully activated your account.

Until when can I claim my free surfing hours on Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, and Youtube?

You may surf non-stop on the mentioned sites for one day upon activation of the registration to the promo.

Promo period is from December 3, 2011 until March 31, 2012.

What if I have zero load in my SIM but texted FREEBASIC to 8888 anyway? Will I still get to surf non-stop on the four sites?

Although the promo is FREE and you won’t be charged for registering, you need to have at least P1 balance to avail of the promo for FREE. A maintaining balance of P5 is also needed to consume the FREE browsing hours.

What happens if I surf outside of the four sites?

Regular rates of P5 for 15 minutes will apply when you view web pages outside the four sites. You may also enroll to PowerSurf promos to enjoy non-stop browsing on other websites.

What happens if I click a link on Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, or Youtube that leads to a different URL or website?

Regular rate of P5 for 15 minutes will apply when you view web pages, URLs, or links that lead outside the four mentioned websites. You may also enroll to PowerSurf promos to enjoy non-stop browsing on other websites.

Why is the FREE offer limited to Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, or Youtube?

Only Tattoo Mobile Broadband understands and matches your every need for self-expression 24/7. Quantitative research indicates that these four sites are the most commonly visited websites by today’s youth whenever they go online.

How do I check the remaining balance of my free hours?

You can text BAL to 8888 to get the status of remaining free internet hours.

After consuming my FREE hours, how will my succeeding internet surfing be charged?

After one day, your succeeding internet surfing will be charged P5 for 15 minutes. You may also enroll to PowerSurf or SuperSurf promos to enjoy non-stop browsing on other websites.

How do I end my subscription to FREEBASIC?

To deactivate your FREEBASIC subscription, simply text FREEBASICSTOP to 8888. You’ll receive a notification that your subscription has been deactivated.
These are the most common sites that I use anyway.

After I consume my free hours from the SIM purchase, can I still avail of a promo that allows me to surf all day on these four websites?

Yes. For only P30 a day, you can surf all you want for one day with Tattoo’s Online Basics Bundle. It offers a one-day, surf-all-you-want access to Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, and Youtube.

To activate, simply text BASIC30 to 8888.You’ll automatically receive a notification once you’ve successfully activated your registration.
I’m a Globe/TM Prepaid user. Can I use the FREE access to Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Youtube, and Twitter from my Tattoo Prepaid SIM’s FREEBASIC offer on my mobile device?

No, your free access to Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, and Youtube may only be used with your Tattoo Prepaid SIM.

Are the FREE hours (from FREEBASIC) covered by Globe’s Fair Use Policy?

Yes, the free access to the sites is guided by Globe’s policy on fair usage. The service provides a peak volume capacity set at 800 MB per account per day. The Tattoo Prepaid SIM is designed to provide quick and convenient surfing access while on the go (mobile use). The product is intended for normal use of email, website browsing, and base search activities.

For this purpose, 800 MB is a significant amount of data enabling you to:
Send/receive 22,400 plain text emails
Send/receive 2,720 emails with document attachments
View 2,720 web pages
Download 200 songs
Upload/download 1,600 social media posts
View 272 minutes of streaming video or 4.5 hours of video conferencing with your loved ones abroad
Download 1 90-minute movie
Should you exceed typical usage within the day, the service will be temporarily unavailable until end of day. However, service will resume on the following day subject to the promo validity.

Upon consuming the peak volume capacity, a subscriber can choose to unsubscribe from FAVE5 and browse for P5/15 minutes.

How much load is preloaded in the Tattoo SIM?

Each Tattoo Prepaid SIM comes with FREE P5 load amount.

82 Responses to “Globe Tattoo SIM Card”

  1. REGGIE says:

    Ktatapos ko lng maubos ung 125hrs free usage s globe tattoo ko,kabibili ko lng cia…bkit di ko maloadan ng supersurf50..may existing promo pa daw ako? bkit ganun

    • jeen says:

      what kind of globe tattoo sim yun nabili mo? and is it applicable for globe tattoo modem? how much yung sim? salamat. 🙂

      • Ben says:

        hi! im not sure what kind of globe tattoo simcard i use. It came with the kit of the tattoo. how do i know which sim will work? thanks

        • lina says:

          globe tattoo broadband sim comes with 125 min free surfing ang 2000 txt with an expiry of 30 days. di ko nga naubos ung free surf ang text kasi gabi ko lang naman ginagamit ito. sna lang walang expiry ang mga offers na kasama ng pagbili mo… you’ll have to txt free 125 (can’t remember kung ito nga yung command) to 8888 para maactivate ang freebies mo. pero ambagal nga ng globe prepaid broadband. mabuti pa ang sun pag may cellsite mabilis talaga.

    • Glen says:

      Ganyan din ang sakin kaya eto, hindi ko na eenjoy ang unlimited at ng ttyaga sa regular rate…can anyone here knows how to help us?

  2. cris says:

    ,naupuan me ung sim me nabali.nag iinsert sim na panu me makukuha yung mga phonebook list ?….

  3. candy says:

    nakabili po ako ng globe tatto sim, I just wanna ask kung activate lahat ng mga cell numbers ? everytime when you bought globe tatto sim because nawawalan ako ng signal and at the same time hindi ako makarecieve ng messages kung meron man delay naman siya so please help me , what will I do , i dont know kung ang may sira yung fone ko or sim ko , im begging you please help me through this ? immediately asap . Thank you for your kind consideration , hoping it will work please, PLEASE .

  4. Edgar says:

    bkt po di makapag register ang ordinary tatto som sa surftxt60??

    • Neyo says:

      I’ve been thinking of gtntieg this really tattoo design I saw that has a picture of an eagle smashing a skull, with the caption Live free or die in a banner wrapped around it. I ve spent many years stuck being what everybody wanted me to be, but I’m ready to stop conforming and be my own. what do you guys think of this idea, where should I get it and are there any other designs that could represent freedom?

  5. billy says:

    bakit pho may limit ang pag download hanggang 800mb lang …parang unfare naman po…sana no limit ung pag download kasi pho gamer ako lagi po me nag dadownload..kakainis po..lagi sinasabi na “GLOBE Advisory: Ur data subscription for today has reached 800mb. Ur remaining browsing hours will resume tomorrow subject to promo validity.” yan po lagi sinasabi…nasasayang lagi ung paunli ko…sana po maayos ninyo ang problemang ito

    salamat po sa pag intinde….

    • Arvin says:

      0o nga . ..kakainis . ..

    • Karen says:

      ganyan nga din nangyari sakin yesterday. My brother downloaded games and suddenly, IE cannot display web page and I’ve read that txt message advisory..I thought that something wrong with the Windows..

      • darwin says:

        uo… bkit gnun? ka bad3p prang di unlisurf.. bt tinwag pang unlisurf huh? gaguhan? 😀

        • Regen says:

          bakit pho may limit ang pag download anhggang 800mb lang parang unfare naman po sana no limit ung pag download kasi pho gamer ako lagi po me nag dadownload..kakainis po..lagi sinasabi na GLOBE Advisory: Ur data subscription for today has reached 800mb. Ur remaining browsing hours will resume tomorrow subject to promo validity. yan po lagi sinasabi nasasayang lagi ung paunli ko sana po maayos ninyo ang problemang itosalamat po sa pag intinde .

  6. Rey says:

    Bakit kulang yung pin numbers ng preapaid load , parang nabura . naku naman . pakiayus naman .

  7. melody says:

    paano po malalaman kung ubos na ung 125hours of free nternet mo..kabibili q lang kc nitong globe tattoo ko.di po ako kabisado sa me naman para ma save q ung natitira kung lod para magamit q agad sa unlimtd.

  8. Darwin says:

    My globe tattoo simcard po ako, hindi ko po alam ang number, nwla kc ung card . . Pano ko po mareretreive ung digit ko? Kahit po i insert ko sa phone na my tinginan ng own number, no data ang nakalagay. Pa help nman po.. Di ko 2loy mloadan. Thnx

  9. mulanzkie says:

    Bakit ganun meron akong bagong sim card na globe tattoo bakit hindi ako makapag unli call at unli text … please teach me how to do it…

    thank you

  10. layas says:

    gamitan mo ng proxpn.pede ka maginternet libre kahit alang load

  11. Ritchen says:

    Sorry, you cannot subscribe to 1 day surf and text all-you-want because you are currently subscribed to one of our mobile internet or Unlitxt promos. Please try to register again once your current registration has ended. Thank you! _________kahit nag expired na ako..bat ganun, ayaw magload sa SUPERSURF50 or SURFTXT60….

  12. angelica says:

    I’m trying to register to SUPERSURF220 but the response is always: Sorry, you cannot have SUPERSURF with your other current registrations. You will need to stop your current promos to register to SUPERSURF. Txt SUPERSURF STOP to 8888.

  13. matthew says:

    ask ko lang kung merun tipid sa video call? kung my unlimited ba to o kahit ano basta tipid?

    kung wala pa magkakaruon ba?

  14. kj says:

    ask ko lang kung ang globe tatoo sim ng broadband at ng globe tatoo sim ng cp ay iisa lang ba? pede po bang gamitin ung tatoo sim ng broadband sa windows mobile as a sim card na pede rin mag-net thru gprs? thx. =)

  15. Korin says:

    Hi! May globe tattoo simcard ako pero nawala ko yung whole card niya. Pero nasaakin ung simcarad. So now, hindi ko alam number ko ngayon. Is there any way na makuha ko number ng simcard? What do I need to do?

    • shaddene says:

      hello korin! na read ko ung problem mo dn cgur0 try mu sa phone m0 pumunta ka sa ph0neb00k m0 dn hanapin m0 ang 0wner n0. dn i-clik m0 un pgkatpos ay lalabas ang n0. mo

      sana mka2lung 2 sa’yo!

      gud day 2 ol!!

    • rock princess says:

      merong number ang globe tattoo sa likod ng sim…

  16. regina says:

    pwede pa po ba malaman ung puk code ng sim card sa globe ?? kc sa ibang network pwede …

  17. Michael says:

    ask ko lang po kung paano magunli sa browsing ngaun, as i type SUPERSURF50 for my 24 hrs. surfing mali daw yung ginagamit kong keyword. please advice

    for your usual assistance and support please.


  18. sucks says:

    grabe tlga globe …hirap mag reg sa supersurf50, laging invalid keyword what the hell … globe should inform us kung tapos na ung promo nila… kaasarrrr !!

  19. maricon says:

    kapapalit q lng po ng sim card… wla pa pong 1 month,ngaung gabi na toh nag invalid sim card nnman ung sim q… bkt nagiging ganun?… kausap q lng ung frend q bglng naputol usapan nmin… hnd na din aq makatxt at hnd na din aq matxt at matwagan… bkt nagiging ganun?… ayq na sna magpalit ng no… anong pwedeng gawin…

  20. myself says:

    Available pa ba ang globe tattoo simcard? Wala na kasi akong makita na nagbebenta niyan sa amin. Gusto ko kasing bumili.

  21. kris says:

    i”ll buy new globe tattoo but then i forgot to register @ 8888 for my free 125 unlisurf, then when i inquire the balance load is 0. Can i used my free unlisurf?

    • rodge123 says:

      yup all you need to to is register it. pero mag load ka muna you need to have 5 pesos maintaning balance to avail the free 125 internet access.

      • Karen says:

        ano po ang itetext to 8888 to register for 125 free internet?? thanks

        • robert says:

          text FREE125 to 8888
          or FAVEFREE to 8888

        • leo eustaquio says:

          paano nga??

          • Bruna says:

            nakabili po ako ng globe tatto sim, I just wanna ask kung activate lahat ng mga cell nubemrs ? everytime when you bought globe tatto sim because nawawalan ako ng signal and at the same time hindi ako makarecieve ng messages kung meron man delay naman siya so please help me , what will I do , i dont know kung ang may sira yung fone ko or sim ko , im begging you please help me through this ? immediately asap . Thank you for your kind consideration , hoping it will work please, PLEASE .

  22. *louisse_jewel* says:

    ask ko lang po … PWEDE PO BANG GAMITIN ANG ANY GLOBE SIM SA GLOBE BROADBAND?? pls.. answer po.. SALAMAT!!! ^_^

  23. soli says:

    ayosin nyo naman *Globe Tattoo SIM Featuers

  24. Karl Daniel says:

    hello guys mgtatanong lng kung sino na nakaexperience ng campus update, ung may free 250 txt to all networks for 2 days kc ngload k ng 100 pesos, nbura ko kc ung msg e gusto ko maavail please help…

    • Globe Tattoo User says:


      unlitext keywords pag register sa globe TEXT UALL25 send to 8888 good for 1 day

      unlitext keywords naman sa TM UTEXTALL15 send to 8888 good for 1 day

    • GG says:

      Text CAMPUS CONNECT1 to 8888

      Ask ko lang din pano maginquire ng balance ng Campus Connect Promo.

  25. mia05 says:

    heLoo po .. paano po ba magpaunli to unlimited call sa japan ?

  26. angeline mayor says:

    hello poh bakit di gumagana ung globe tattoo prepaid na nabili ko,sa sm cubao ko sya nabili nung oct1 nakasale sya so nabili ko lang sya ng 895….sinubukan ko na sya sa different places like apalit,arayat and clark pamp…pero wala talaga makuha connection…pwde ko ba ibalik to its still within the 7 days return period..

  27. eunice says:

    ask ko lang po ung nareceive kong text regarding connect campus – 250 free texts valid for 2days? how do i use it

  28. Lhorie Anne Magana says:

    bakit hindi na ako pwedeng magregister ng ITEXT 50 international text po???may bago po ba?..i need ur reply please….thank u

  29. mae says:

    meron pa bang nabibiling globe tattoo na sim card last time kasi wala kaming makita.

    • robert says:

      aq meron pa 6 pcs. na globe tattoo sim.pero kung sa globe tattoo stick mo lng gagamitin pwede nmn khit mga ordinary sim lng ng globe

  30. Reymart says:

    Parehas Lang ba Ito sa sim ng globe tattoo myfi?

  31. judelyn raneses says:

    how to inquire globe tatoo???
    and,what other promo did iuse f time na for expiry date/..?

  32. Bena kotobuki says:

    bat nung binili ko ung broadband ko walang free internet khit 1hr lang wala kainis pa kz pag mag-reach cia ng 800mb tigok na ang net… bkt po ganun?

    • Abdoo says:

      My husband and I have been ttegoher for quite some time now. He is in the Army and absolutely loves what he does. He will be deploying to Iraq soon and I would like to do something special for him. I want to get a tattoo to honor him and what he loves to do. I am just not sure what sort of tattoo design to get. I was thinking maybe his name, initials, or even our last name and incorporating it into something that has to do with the military ? HELP!!!

  33. leny says:

    pano po mgreg ng unlisurf sa globe worth of 20 pesos lng po ung 24 hours?

  34. lin says:

    I really do have to stop supersurf50 in order to avail for that free125? I didnt use it pa then I already registered to super surf but then it will be expired na. PLS DO HELP. thanks.

  35. euclid says:

    paano ko ba malalaman ang puk code ko sa t.m ..? ksi po naglagay po ako nang pin code sa phone ko at nkalimutan ko then nang hingi po sya ng puk code pls reply tnx…

  36. jeff says:

    bakit ganon, before nagagamit ko yung 3g connection ng globe pero simula nung feb 8 till now di ko parin magamit. 0 parin yung signal kapag 3g connection(HSPDA) ginamit ko pero pag GSM(GPRS) ok naman, anong nangyari? >:( — taga Taytay Rizal pala ako

  37. rose says:

    available pba ung tatoo sim for phone??? gsto q non pro pgnghhanap ako d n dw available un. pm me. tnx!

  38. ricky says:

    pwde po ba ask kung ano ang default password ng site nila 🙁

    • SigitBraddasouljah says:

      hi..i just bought my new iPad it took me so long to fuirge out how to use my Globe micro Sim (bought in Globe Alimall) , since the lady in the desk didnt even know what to do as well, haist! so i called friends na lang and when i did its SOOOOO bagal. whats with the shitty commercials that they have faster connection WHATEVER! is it really true na magwowork ang cut na normal sim? and it will be faster? help

  39. jasmine j says:

    ung friend q po binigay nya ung globe tatoo broadband stick hnd n po activate ung sim.. ask lng po if pwede pa magagamit p po ba ung tatoo stick kung papalitan lng ng sim or nid pa activate ung no. b4..pls help po pra magamit po sa ulit..

  40. MARC says:

    Hey kakauwi ko lang galing bakasyon. Nagregister ako ng powersurf30 yesterday. Sabi ng message may marereceive daw ako na internet settings. until now wala pa din un? then kaka message lang kanina na nag expire na pala ung powersurf30 without doing nothing. please help guys. thanks.

  41. revo says:

    bibili n sana ako ng globe tattoo im disappointed to read those subcribers unfair to them balik na alng ulit ako sa smart

  42. Louie says:

    Anu po ung mga promo pra mka pag surf ako (globe broadband “Tattoo Stick”) po ug gamit ko reply pls thanks

  43. melvin says:

    hays kainis panu ba mag unli d2 ng mura 50php 1 day ang mahal ayaw pumasok ng POWERSURF50 ang napasok lang SUPERSURF50 ehh ang mahal naman sa POWERSURF50 3days and 5 hour sa SUPERSURF50 1 day lang

  44. Nixon says:

    Paano po ba malalaman ung natitirang load ng SIM ku ask po ..

  45. alex says:

    I went out to buy a globe sim card, but the lady in the store gave me a globe tattoo broadband. I noticed it too late because i already opened it. Can i use it for texting?

  46. mark09 says:

    ask ko lng poh pwd bng mg regester ako sa BASIC30 peo ang gmet ko globe sim lng..hnd globe tatto poh..slamt:))

  47. cherry says:

    It’s not true that on the day that u purchase the kit, you get a day free browsing. I just used it for 15 minutes.

    I purchased the GLOBE TATTOO BROADBAND 7.2 mbps. Very fast in the morning. 20.00 for an hour. Better stick to the internet cafes.

  48. KC says:

    ask ko lng may xpiration ba ang globe tatto sim

  49. nolds says:

    bakit walang signal ang bagong modem globe tattoo na nabili ko. ano ang aking gawawin?

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