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Globe Tattoo also offers the ultimate Unlimited Text promos! Enjoy sending unlimited text messages to Globe/TM subscribers all day, all night.
To register, simply text any of the following to 8888:

*Offer is available to Globe tattoo sim users and old Globe sims.

*Promo is extended until April 30, 2010. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 7105, Series of 2009.

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Globe SULITXT 15

Globe Tattoo also offers SULITXT 15! For only P15, enjoy 150 texts to Globe/TM for 1 day.
To register, simply text SULITXT<space>15 to 8888. You can now also purchase SULITXT 15 at your nearest retailer.

*Offer is available to Globe tattoo sim users and old Globe sims.

*Promo is extended until April 30, 2010. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 7105, Series of 2009.

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Globe Tattoo also offers TXTOTHERS! For only P20, enjoy 40 texts to other networks for 1 day.
To register, simply text TO<space>20 to 8888.

*Offer is available to Globe tattoo sim users and old Globe sims.

*Promo is extended until April 30, 2010. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 7105, Series of 2009.

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Globe MODU

MODU, the world’s lightest, fully loaded phone, lets you can personalize your mobile experience in a simple and affordable way. Customize your phone’s looks and features in an instant simply by changing your MODU jacket. These stylish phone enclosures come in an interesting range of colors and designs. Collect, select and play with jackets as you please! You can change the look and style of your handset everyday of the week.
The MODU is a great gadget to always have on hand. Active, multi-tasking people will surely appreciate its functionality. As an addition to its complete mobile functions, the MODU is also a music player and mass storage device with 2GB internal memory.
The sleek and sophisticated MODU can also be slipped in into a variety of MODU-enabled consumer electronic devices: digital picture frames, personal music players, digital cameras or DECT phones. Now isn’t that nifty?
So go, play! Be stylish! Enjoy endless choices!
Make new connections with MODU.


Globe Super-Unli

Globe Tattoo gives you Super-Unli. Enjoy unlimited texting AND calling to Globe/TM for only P150 for 5 days. Now you’re free to connect non-stop with friends, anytime and anyway you want to because it is complete with unlimited texting and calling.

It’s so easy to subscribe to Super-Unli! Simply text SUPER150 to 2824, and you’ll enjoy unlimited texts to Globe / TM for 5 days. To make unlimited calls, change the 0 to 238 at the start of the Globe / TM number you are calling (eg 238917xxxxxxx).

  • Available for Globe Prepaid, Tattoo Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers

*Promo extended to April 9, 2010. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 0141, Series of 2010.

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IMMORTAL LOAD is now available via GCASH with 2 easy steps! IMMORTAL LOAD has NO EXPIRY!

GCASH is the faster, more affordable & secure way to send & receive money, buy prepaid load, pay bills and do a lot of other money related transactions, anytime, anywhere with just one text message from any Globe cellphone.


Step 1: Register to GCASH

  • Text “REG4-digit PIN/mother’s maiden name/first name/last name/address
    Ex: “REG 1234/Garcia/Dennis/Lim/143 Pilar Road, Las Pinas City”
  • Send to 2882
  • Must maintain a min. P2.50 load to register

*** PIN or Personal Identification Number is a secret numeric password provided by you. This authenticates you to the system.

Existing GCASH subscribers do not need to register again. Simply proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Convert cash to GCASH at any of the following partners

  • Globe Business Centers
  • Globelines Payment Centers
  • SM Department Stores
  • Selected Tambunting Pawnshops
  • Selected Villarica Pawnshops
  • BPI Mobile Banking
  • Selected Rural Banks

Once you convert your cash to GCASH, your SIM will then be loaded with GCASH and this will be your IMMORTAL LOAD with NO EXPIRY! Use Immortal Load to buy call/text and internet load for yourself and others anytime.

To use your Immortal Load:

    Convert GCASH to Prepaid Load for yourself: Text LOADAmount4-digit PIN.
    Ex: “LOAD 300 2009”. Send to 2882 Convert GCASH to Prepaid Load for others: Text LOADAmount4-digit PIN.
    Ex: “LOAD 300 2009”. Send to 2882 + 10-digit cellphone number of the recipient
    Ex: Send to “28829175888888”
  • Converting GCASH to Prepaid Load will require a P2.50 transaction charge
  • To offset the P2.50 transaction charge, transaction amount should be at least P25.00 to get a rebate of P2.50
  • GET A 10% REBATE EVERY TIME YOU CONVERT YOUR GCASH TO LOAD! The more you use and the bigger your transactions through Immortal Load, the more rebates you earn.
  • Ex. Convert P25.00 and get a rebate of P2.50
  • Convert P500.00 and get a rebate of P50.00

To buy a call/ text promo

Ex: Buy ImmortalTxt

  • To buy ImmortalTxt, text IMMORTAL10 to 8888. Get 50 texts Globe-Globe/Globe-TM and 10 Texts to other networks with NO EXPIRY!

You may access the GCASH menu embedded in your SIM for easier use of GCASH. For SIMs without the GCASH menu, you can simply download it to your phone by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Globe Svcs+ menu on your cellphone. Select My Favorites
  2. Select Add Favorites
  3. Select Money and wait as your cellphone connects to the Globe system
  4. Select GCASH and the GCASH menu will be downloaded to your phone

Once downloaded to your phone, you can easily access the GCASH menu through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Globe Svcs+ menu on your cellphone. Select My Favorites
  2. Select GCASH under My Favorites
  3. Select the desired GCASH transaction

DTI-NCR Permit No. 4266 Series of 2009. Promo runs until December 31, 2009.

Learn more about IMMORTAL LOAD »

Globe Tattoo Immportalcall

Globe Tattoo Immortalcall+

Be immortal with the new Globe Tattoo ImmortalCall+, the first and only call and text offer with NO EXPIRY!

For only P15, you get to enjoy 5 call minutes PLUS 50 texts to Globe/TM that will never expire*!

It’s so easy to register: simply text Immortal15 to 8888.

*Must maintain P5 balance to use the service.
Subject to SIM validity.

* The 5 minutes of calls to Globe/TM are consumable, and may be used for
several calls or for one long call.

*Promo is until March 21, 2010. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1593 Series of 2010

Learn More about IMMORTALCALL »

Globe Tattoo Unlimail

Globe Tattoo UnliMail

Globe Tattoo UnliMAIL is unlimited mobile email service that enables you to send and receive emails directly on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
You can have your emails delivered to you in real time, as if you were really online. No need for a PC to respond to urgent emails. Send, download, and view attachments with ease!
To get your UnliMAIL today, just follow these easy quick steps:
  1. Text UNLIMAIL to 8888 or visit from your mobile phone browser.
  2. Download the application onto your phone. When asked to select an access point, always choose myGlobe Connect.
  3. Complete installation, open UnliMAIL and set up your email account!
Here’s the initial list of capable handsets: Nokia N73, N95, E90, E65, 6210 Classic, 6620 Classic, 3250, N80, E51, 6300, 5310, 6280, 7210 Super Nova, 5300, 6600 Slide, 3120 Classic; Sony Ericsson K800i, K810i, K770i, K700. If your handset is not on the list, don’t worry! We are continually expanding our handset list and will let you know of new builds.
Globe Tattoo UnliMAIL is FREE until March 31, 2010.
Per DTI-NCR #1877. Series of 2010
Learn more about Globe Tattoo UNLIMAIL »

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