Paying Your Globe Bill

Filipinos like to talk on their phones, they like to text even more. All that calling and texting leads to phone bills and phones that need to be recharged with load. Here is how to pay your Globe cell phone bill. Remember to always pay Globe bills so you can keep using your phone.

Globe offers different options to settle your bills at your own convenience.

Pay your Globe bill with G-CASH

To pay your bills, just text the following:
Syntax:  BILLPAY<space>AMOUNT<space>4-digit PIN<space>GPLAN<space>ACCOUNT NUMBER and send to 2882.
Example: BILLPAY 500 1234 GPLAN 12345678
Reminder: Only a registered GCASH subscriber can pay bills using GCASH wallet.

Globe Over the Counter Bill Payments

Apart from Globe Telecom and Innove business centers, over the counter bank payments for Handyphone and/or Innove phone lines are already accepted in the following banking institutions:

  • Allied Bank
  • Allied Savings Bank (Makati, Mindoro Oriental, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna & Cubao Branches only)
  • Asiatrust Bank
  • Banco de Oro
  • BPI
  • Chinatrust Bank
  • East-West Bank
  • EquitablePCIBank
  • GE Money Bank
  • Network Bank
  • Planters Bank
  • PNB
  • RCBC
  • Robinsons Savings Bank
  • Security Bank (every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the following branches: Angeles, Balut, BF Paranaque, Cebu Business Park, Congressional, Lucena, Malolos, Meycauayan, Pandacan, Pateros, Sucat, Zamboanga)

GT (Globe Telecom) Business Centers accepts credit card installment payments for Globe Handyphone POSTPAID BILLS only. Partner credit cards for this initiative are as follows:

  • BPI Cards (Express Credit / Edge Credit Card)
  • Diners Club & Security Bank Master Card
  • Metrobank Cards & PS Bank Cards
  • Bankard (MasterCard, Visa, JCB & myDream
  • Standard Chartered Bank Cards

Globe Credit Card and Auto Charge Facility

Reminder: To ensure of your credit card accounts, you need to enroll your Globe Handyphone Accounts in the auto-charge facilities of your respective credits cards before Auto-charge can be used.
*Application is subject to approval.

Please call our 24-Hour Call-In Service or send us an e-mail to get a copy of Auto-Charge Enrollment Form:
For Globe Mobile Phone subscribers, you may reach us through:

  • 211 from Globe mobile phone (toll-free)
  • 730-1000 via landline

For Globe Landline and Globe Broadband subscribers, you may reach us through:

  • 19-8888 via landline

You may also visit our nearest Business Centers/Globe Payments Center to enroll your Credit Card to Auto-Charge Facility.

Credit cards honored for auto-charge facility:

  • American Express
  • AIG Visa / Mastercard
  • BPI Express Credit Card
  • BPI Edge Credit Card
  • Citibank Visa / Mastercard
  • Dinners Club
  • Equitable Visa / Mastercard / JCB
  • Standard Chartered Visa / MasterCard
  • Metrobank
  • UnionBank
  • Includes all other international and locally-issued Visa/Mastercard

Globe Bill Payment Over the Phone

If you have accounts under the banks listed below, and are enrolled under their respective phone banking facilities, you may also enjoy the convenience of payment over the phone.

  • BPI Express Phone
  • Citibank Fastlink
  • HSBC Phonebanking Service
  • BDO

Pay Globe Bills Online

Avoid the long lines when paying your Globe Handyphone Bills. Log-in to this site and use Globe’s online bills payment facility. You may also visit the websites listed to pay your bills today!

Globe Bill Pay with ATM Facilities

Subscribers may use their ATM accounts to pay for bills. ATM’s accepting payments are as follows:

  • Bancnet
  • Megalink
  • BPI Express Teller
  • UnionBank Union Teller

Globe Text & Charge Bill Pay Service

This is a payment channel made available to Globe Postpaid subscriber wherein subscribers are given facility to register payments through text messages and current bill dues may then be charged to any of these credit cards:

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • JCB

How to use Text and Charge:

  1. Register your local VISA, Master Card or JBC card (Equitable Cards i.e. Visa / Master Card / JCB / AMEX, are not accept).
    Text PLANREG (card number) (expiry date: MMYY) (birthdate:MMDDYYYY) (mother’s maiden name) send to 2201
    Ex. PLANREG 1111222233334444 1205 03181970 Velasco
  2. You will receive a four-character password
  3. Now you can start paying your own bill or your loved one’s bills.

To pay for your own bill:
Send PLANPAY (Password) (Last three digits at the back of the card) (amount) send to 2201. Ex. PLANPAY ab12 836 1543.33

Globe Bill Pay FAQ

What does Monthly Service Fee (MSF) cover?

Your monthly service fee includes your assigned number of free minutes and free text messages, depending on your plan.
Your free minutes cover local calls you make from your Handyphone to another Globe Handyphone, to other cellular phones and landline within the same service area.
Free text allocation across all plans includes messages sent from your Globe Handyphone to another Globe Handyphone and to other cellular phones. Text messages sent to a foreign GSM phone, however, are not included in this allocation.

How do I know how many minutes and text messages from my free monthly allocation were used?

The Total Minutes of your local calls can be found in “Details of Voice Calls”. If this is greater than the allocated free minutes of your plan, it means that all free minutes were used during that specific month. If it is lower, the Total Minutes is equal to the number of free minutes used.
The Total Messages Sent can be found in “Text Charges”. If this is greater than the allocated free text messages of your plan, it means that all free texts were used during that specific month. If it is lower, the Total Messages Sent is equal to the number of free texts used.

What are NDD charges and where will I see this?

NDD calls include all calls outside the local service area where the call was made. You will be charged an off-peak or peak rate depending on the time of your call.

How much will I pay for an IDD call?

IDD calls are calls made from the Philippines to other countries(excluding satellite calls, e.g., Inmarsat & Iridium). Your IDD calls are subject to a rate of US$ 0.3636 per minute. Charging, however, is based on every 6 second-pulse, i.e., for every 6-second talk time, you are charged US$0.03636.
The total IDD amount is converted to the peso equivalent of the exchange rate prevailing when the call was made, plus 10% Overseas Communication Tax (OVCOM Tax).
Sample Computation:
· A call is made from Manila to Hong Kong for 3 mins. and 30 seconds (there are five 6-second pulses in 30 seconds).
· Exchange rate = P52.00
1. (3 mins x $ 0.3636) + (5 x US$ .03636) = $ 1.2726
2. $ 1.2726 x P 52.00 = P 66.18
3. P 66.18 + 10% OVCOM = P 72.80.
(This is the total amount you will pay for the call.)
Charges per minute may vary from month to month, depending on the peso-dollar exchange rate.

What is CERA?

Currency Exchange Rate Adjustment (CERA) is granted by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to automatically adjust local exchange rates due to upward or downward movement of the peso against the dollar. This is computed according to a formula provided by the NTC, and changes depending on the peso-dollar exchange rate.

What are the charges subject to VAT and OVCOM?

A 12% Value Added Tax (VAT) will be charged on your monthly rental fees, all your local and NDD calls, text messages, voice mail calls, CERA, and charges/surcharges on roaming calls.

A 10% Overseas Communication (OVCOM) Tax will be charged on all IDD calls made from the Philippines, international texts and all incoming roaming calls.

7.  How will I be charged for my first bill?
Your first bill contains advanced MSF equivalent to one month and the pro-rated MSF amount.
Pro-rated amount is computed as follows:
Pro-rated MSF
=(No. of days in a mo. – Date of Activation + 1) x (Plan MSF)
No. of days in a month
Pro-rated Free Minutes
= (No. of days covered in a given month + 1) x (Free Minutes)
No. of days in a given month
Sample Computation
· New account under G-Talk Plan (MSF= Php 902.00 & Free Minutes = 210)
· Date of Activation (May 17) and Cut-off Date (May 25)
1. Pro-rated MSF = (31-17+1)(902)/31 = P 436.45
(This is the pro-rated MSF you will pay for your first month)
2. Pro-rated Free Minutes = (25-17+1)(210)/31 = 60.97 mins.
(This is the total number of minutes you will enjoy for your first month)

Payment and Reconnection Reminders

a. Please write your account number and your full name clearly every time you make a payment.

b. Payment for multiple accounts or Globe mobile numbers.
To ensure the proper amount is credited to the proper bill, please provide a detailed breakdown of your payment by Globe mobile number or account number. You can also attach the bill stubs as the amount being paid is noted in each of the said stubs.

c. Proof of Payment
Always keep a copy of the transaction slip (for over-the counter or ATM payments), official receipts (for payment through Globe Telecom) or listen and record the payment acknowledgement number (for phone payments) for proof of payments.

d. Posting of Payment
Please allow 5 working days from payment date for your payments to be posted to your account.

e. Payment Due Date
All payments must be received on or before the Payment Due Date indicated in your bill. Overdue accounts are subject to voice redirection (no outgoing calls).

f. Your Outstanding Balance.
You may also request for your outstanding balance through text, free of charge. Just send PLAN BALANCE to 2312.

g. Notice of Temporary Disconnection
If a notice of disconnection has been given or your phone line has been disconnected, please pay your bill directly at our business centers. Check out our Business Center Locator for the business center nearest to you.

116 Responses to “Globe Bill Pay”

  1. Sir/Madam,

    I payed the one time set up fee Of…( PHp500.00) the day they installed my “Globe only Internet connections”.. that was Aug.04,2010.Why is it that my 1st bill came today claiming the fallowing…

    1) Monthly Recurring Fee…755.61
    2) One time charges………..446.43 <<< ( ??? ) 3) VAT...............................144.24 TOTAL AMOUNT : 1,346.28 Sir.I applied the Internet connections only...and I do not have a Land line tel. and do not had plans of having..So why do you have to charge "One time charges" to my bill that also arrived today which is too early? Please explain this matter, thank you...

    • jenie agnes bue says:

      we have already requested our globe broadband to be disconnected, and paid our remaining balance of 2,040.00 last April 19 at globe office in Zamboanga City. why is it your office continue to sent notice for payment?
      please look into this matter, thanks.

    • kristian joe fernandez says:

      bat wala pa po bill namin..

  2. Richelle Supat says:

    I received our bill on September 3, 2010 (yesterday)

    I payed the one time set up fee Of…(PHp 500.00) the day they installed my “Globe only Internet connections”.. that was Jul. 10,2010.Why is it that my 1st bill came today claiming the following…

    1) Amount due from Previous Bill …1091.28
    2) Current Bill Charges………..995.00

    TOTAL AMOUNT : 2,086.28

    Where this “Amount due from Previous Bill …1091.28” came from???
    Please enlighten me on this matter. Thanks.

  3. anna marie rusiana says:

    good morning!tanong lng sana ako kong paano ko ma contact ang globe via globe landline.not yet in service kasiyong mga numbers na nka pose, like XXXXXXXXXXand XXXXXXXXXX.please help me!

  4. gud pm.. po… ako po yung anak ng nakapangalan sa joseph peleno danao
    nag bayad na po kc kame.. sa bayad center… tapos po.. dumating yung bill.. nakalagay.. my previous balance pero bayad na po.. un… ang current balance lang dapat yung bill namin sa ngayun.. pwde po ba paki review ng statement account ng bill ni joseph peleno danao eto po yung account no.887459562

  5. aurea perez says:

    good pm. iwould like to inform in your office that my overdue balance was settled already.I payed it last oct. 5 2010.

  6. emma rapada says:

    ask ko… po kong hanggang anong ilang buwan ung bill ko

  7. peter alialy says:

    good pm sir….i would like to inform na 1 1/2 lang namin nagamit yung internet namin dahil nasira yung computer namin hindi namin nagagamit yung internet bakit padagdag ng padagdag ang babayaran namin…?

  8. regino nabor says:

    sir nag pkabit me ng wimax sabi nung ahente libre unang buwan tapos nag karoon agad me ng bill, binayaran ko iyon ,ngayon myprivious balance padaw ako. ano to lokohan? ipaliwanag nyo nga.

  9. regino nabor says:

    gusto ko malaman agad, kung hindi nyo masasagot yon isosoli nlang nmin yun Wimax.

  10. Anton Unabia says:

    good pm. please make clear to me what is monthly recurring fee (MRF)?

    I’ve got a plan from our company it says that unlimited calls to Globe/TM.
    I was surprised to see my bill.

    DESCRIPTION Period Amount Total
    MOBTEL NO: 917xxxxxxx
    BUSINESS STARTER – DF 10/30/10 – 11/10/10 177.26
    BUSINESS STARTER – DF 11/11/10 – 12/10/10 445.54
    Total Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) 622.80

    Please explain this to me. Thanks.

  11. rosa c. bernardo says:

    i just want to ask my billing date and i dont recieved bill notice.thank you

  12. rosa c. bernardo says:

    please infrom me about my due date and i need the notice, rosa c bernardo, malitam 3, batangas city

  13. Luzviminda castro says:

    i just want to ask my billing date and i dont received bill notice thank you

  14. evelyn calabio says:

    dear maam/sir, i just want 2 ask kung magkano ang bill namin this month? thank you.

  15. gem pnsln says:

    i just want to ask if when you pay the bill for MY SUPER UNLI postpaid plan, will you be able to see to the numbers which the user called or contacted?

  16. Mhy says:


    Please help. I have MyGlobe charged on my postpaid plan. What does this represent btw?

  17. maritchel abil says:

    ive subscribe the wimax globe broadband last october 2010.., but until now i didnt receive any billing from globe…how do i know my bill of my network connection?…

  18. lanie says:

    can i ask kung saan ako pwede magbayad ng bill through my credit card… pumunta kc me sm bayad centers kaya lang d cla tanggap, saan ba ako pwedeng magbayad na iaaccept yung credit card ko. i need your response .asap.. para makabayad me.

  19. anavelya lumintac sobiaco says:

    dear maam/sir i just want to ask kung magkano ang bill ko this month so that i can pay it emmediately…thanks

  20. anavelya lumintac sobiaco says:

    Good morning maam/sir, please send me my monthly bill….or post it in my e mail add….thanks

  21. teresa gonzales says:

    asan n ang amin bill for the month of nov.?bkit ang tgal dumting ng inyong bill.bka mya bigla n lng kmi putulan.

  22. teresa gonzales says:

    asan n ang amin bill for the month of nov.?bkit ang tgal dumting ng inyong bill.bka mya bigla n lng kmi putulan.issa p d nmin alam kung anu un kya d me mkbyad.ty

  23. myleno says:

    gud am. I just want to see how much is my bill dis

  24. ariel catolos says:

    sir/mam tanong lng po bakit po umabot 3,709.69 ang bill ko
    gayong 2 months palang ang nakalipas nung makabitan kami ng

  25. edlene says:

    gud pm! tanong ko lng kung yung mga pasaload e nakikita din
    ba yun sa monthly bill mo? ung number ba at ung amount naka
    indicate din ba? thanks

  26. elsa cruzada says:

    gud am poh pki check nman poh ung accnt koh xxxxxxxxxx, ang name po ay ELSA MARANAN CRUZADA , nagbyad n po koh ng bill nun dec. 23, 2010 at s 7-11 poh. sbi poh ng guard pwd n magbayad dun, pero bt my ndating p din poh skin n note n overdue balance.

  27. elva g. guiuan says:

    pls. lang po paki ayos ng billing , walang dumarating na bill , almost 3months,under the name, of elicito p. guiuan

  28. teofilo danga says:

    sir gudpm ask me lng bkit nbabawasan yong load kapag d na registered yong one day unlimited surfing, ng balance inquiry ako after an hour yong load na 55 naging 4 pesos n lng.

  29. ARGIE P. TUDTUD says:

    gud pm po,ask lng po kung magkano aming babayran for this month…ang name po ng globe internet subscriber ROSALIE TUDTUD CALAMBA….sister ko po cya…..responds pls….

  30. jacquelyn cabiles says: po,,,,,,,,,ask ko nga lng po kng pwde nyo p po bng iblik ul8 ung net nmin..3 bwan po kming nd nkabyad kc na delay pgpa2dla ng mother nmin…kng ba2yrn po nmin un ika2bit nyo pa po b??????…hinihntay po nmin ung notice nyo kng pu2tulin nyo na kso l8 ng dmating….tsaka bt po ung first bill nmin 1,095 po ung cnicngil sa amin ehh 955 lng po dpat kc intrnet only lng po ung pnkabit nmin…ang name po ng internet subscriber FERNANDO CASTILLO CABILES….pls respond po kau agd….

  31. delfin canares says:

    padala kayo na billing para ma monitor ko ang babayaran ko, last oct/nov 2010, pinutol ang linya ko dahil daw may utang pa ako, hinihintay ko billing ko, kaya hindi ako makapagbayad, nang pumawak ako sa 171 sabi sa akin na naideliver na raw ang, sabi ko wala akong natatangap, may sinabi silang pangalan na hindi ko kilala, pinutol ang linya ko, nagpunta ako sa market market sa makati para magbayad ng utang ko, pinababaran sa akin ang reconnection fee, pinaliwanag ko na walang akong billing, nagkasundo kami na idisregard na ang connection fee, nang dumating billing dec/jan walang connection fee, pero itong huling billing kasama uli connection fee

  32. Mrs.Rosemarie Bermudo Palomata says:

    sir goodmorning po…matagal na kz wala kaming pc…mag iisang taon na po..pero may bill parin kami…pwde po bang ipadisconnect nalang un..salamat po.

  33. Mrs.Rosemarie Bermudo Palomata says:

    sir goodmorning po…matagal na kz wala kaming pc…mag iisang taon na po..pero may bill parin kami…pwde po bang ipadisconnect nalang un..salamat po…e2 po ung account number xxxxxxxxxx tnx.

  34. cristie alegre says:

    Gud pm po tnong q lng po bkt lgi may na dati s akin na overdue balance e bayad na naman ako hanggang itong Feb. nung Feb.19 ako nagbayad paki check naman po to po account no. ko xxxxxxxxxx

  35. JULIENNE ANGAT says:


  36. Liezel M. Sullano says:

    Sir/ma’am; Ive subscribe the wimax globe broadband last January 25, 2011.., but until now i didnt receive any billing from globe…how do i know my bill of my network connection? thanks a lot.

  37. alona de torres says:

    sir/ma’am gud a.m paki review po ng aking bill kc po narecieve q po ang billing statement q po ngaung march lumalabas n my previous balance po aq ng 990.23 taz current balance 995 total 1,985.23…nagbayad po aq last feb.10,2011 with o.r #bate2000000000056803…..pls.respond immediately…

  38. giovanni b cruzat says:

    bayad po ko ng november december, bkt po 1,248.82 december january ko lagi p late bill ko.

  39. lucena fontanilla says:

    sir bkt po ganun matagal na namin pinacat ung internet pero my dumarating pa kaming bill ni pwede nio po bang ipaliwanag ito e2 po ung contact no. ko#09108570472

  40. airene unabia says:


  41. airene unabia says:

    hi globe,
    ask kulang po bakit tuloy parin ang padala ng bill ko s globebroadband enternet, ang tagal n po kasi na hnd ngamit ang enternet mula pa nung september,. may mga number po s globe na tinatawagan ko wala nman pong sumasagot. ang problema ko po d2, bakit tuloy ang bill at palaki ng palaki hnd nman nagagamit. pano po ba ang gagawin para ma cut ang billing q? sana po masagot nyo ako,. umaasa po aq s sagot nyo… e2 po contact num. ko.

  42. airene unabia says:

    5 days ko nagamit ang entrnet bkit po ganun namn kalaki ang bill ko first 500payment , anu to lokohan.. khit hndi k nagamit gumagana parin dapat alam nyo kung gumana pa o hndi.

  43. flordeliza sison says:

    kararting lang po ng bill nmin ngayon. pero sabi deadline ng payment nung march 20 pa. kapg po ba nasettle na yung accnt this end of the month, mairereconnct pa po ba? sbi kasi sa letter permanent disconnection na.

  44. Domingo C. Ibañez says:

    bill po nmin ng Fb. to March 15

  45. marites bobis says:

    good murning globe..gsto ko lng poing malaman kung magkanu na po ung bill ng internet nmen..ang account name po ay maretis bobis..can you check it..kc hindi po nmen mapakabitan ulit na line nung pinaputol nmen..please reply..thank you.

  46. henry armingol says:

    paki putol na po ung linya nmen kxe hndi namn po name nagagamt den ituloy nio nang putulin kxe . paputol na lang po ung linya ni MR.HENRY BROJAN ARMINGOL idisconnect na po asap!!!now na!!

  47. cathy says:

    hello po,globe landline/broadband po ang gamit ko,itatanong ko lng po bakit po hindi ako makatawag sa ibang lugar gamit ang telepono ko?sa bacolod ako ngaun nakatira tatawag sna ako sa cebu pro bkit hnd ako makatawag?nakalock po ba ang telepono ko? sana po masagot nyo ang tanong ko. salamat po.

  48. jo ann origenes says:

    sir, tanong lang po kung papaano ko bah makikita ang bill ko online dahil palagi nalang wala akong matatanggap na bill dito sa amin???

  49. Maricel Pilonia says:

    I want you to know that a already paid my bill 2,199.77 April 7, 2011 at Sta. Rita Bulacan Bayad Center…….now i received the 2nd bill today May 3 but the due date is on April 26…….the 1st and 2nd bill always late how come na magbayad ako on time…….eh hindi kayo on time sa obligation nyo…..and mabagal ang pick up ng internet connection …sometimes may research ako may problem lagi sa connection ng internet ko……can you please fix this things…i thought high tech and good service kayo …. that’s why i choose GLOBE……nagkamali pala ako….3months palang ako sa inyo bad performance na kayo…..I hope you can change this matter.

  50. Jennet Cristobal says:

    good day.. 3 months n kaming nawawalan ng signal sa net. palagi nlng ganun.tpos yung bill nakakapagtaka sumosobra . sana maayos na agad yung signal kasi sayang lang. yung 3months nayun eh, wlang signal minsan lng magkaroon qng magkakaroon naman saglit lng.. ndi rin mapakinabangan ung net.

  51. Jennet Cristobal says:

    sana maayos na agad yung problema. tapos nga pla nung akala namin naputulan kami ng net nagpunta kami sa bayadan tpos nagbayad kami then my hiningi pang extra para sa pag aayus.. eh ang problema lng pala nagkamali ng saksak.Nasayang lang bayad wala nmn plng problema.

  52. Jennet Cristobal says:

    sana maayos po ito agad maraming salamat po

  53. enrico angeles says:

    gud day po.. bkt po nd pa binabawas ung aming advance payment n P500 ang sbi po kc s 2nd bill ibabawas… pero pang 4th bill n pero nd prin binabawas… pno ko po ma sesettle ung last bill ko kung meron p akong advance payment s inyo…

  54. Jonathan Nava says:


    I just want to ask if what merchant should I choose to pay my BB globe plan. I am using unionbank for my billing with my globe broadband.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,
    Jonathan Nava

  55. chin says:

    asar namn talaga itong globe na ito…f alm ko lng na walang kwenta ang globe..d na sana ako nag avail ng promo nila..dapat ang mga agent nila ay marunong mag explain..ang sabi dati kay 1000 lng monthly kasama na ang unit..nung nai deliver na..1500 na ang sisingilin..ano pa magawa,,d namn nila i cancel ..ang malala pa..walang signal ng globe sa area namin na un pa ang walang direct contact person na pwede ung malapitan sa problema..ang bills lumalaki at hndi nila i cut kht d nagagamit..walang kwentang globe..sakit lng ng ulo..kainisss!!!!!!!

  56. don says:

    gud am po , panu mag check ng account sa globe wimax?

  57. romano, sheena rae z. says:

    gud am.. okay lang ba na late ang payment.. or sa next bill na yung payment ko…. plz reply on my e-mail. TNX

  58. julieta bajalla says:

    good noon po, temporarily disconnected po kami and i have an outstanding balanced na 2,431.26 pesos…pinadalhan ako ng letter na ngayon ko lang natanggap, august 3, 2011…ang nakalagay sa sulat na magpenalty ako f di ko masettle until july 31,2011… paano yan na ngayon ko lang natanggap ang sulat? tapos iyong landline namin dito hindi gumagana halos mag 3 linggo na….hindi ako makakontact sa customer service…para ipaalam ko sana ito…thanx

  59. che says:

    ano ba ang one time fee bundled cost 50k something.. bkt ang mahal? pls reply

  60. che says:

    disconnected ang ate ko dahil 3 months sya d nkbyad.. then last bill nya me nklgay na ONE TIME FEE BUNDLED cost 50k something..? bakit ganon kalaki ano ba yun?/ pls reply

  61. che says:

    dumating ang bill ko ngaun 3 months ako d nkbyad so me bill akong 6k+.. bkt nagkaron ako ng current bill cost almost 49k” one time charges ang nklgay? ano ba yun? bkt ang laki nmn. pakipaliwanag nmn.. reply to my e mail.. ty

    • Florinda Lobingco says:

      Globe bat ang hirap tawagan ang hotline ninyo thru cel?ang dami pang eprepres,nakakapressure tuloy and it takes time to connect.

  62. zane says:

    in 10 days time naputululan ako ng line sa wimax twice w/o informing me, ngaun ko lang din nalaman na may byad pla mgpareconnect (P300), it wasn’t my fault if ngbayad na ako sa bank then hindi pa naupdate sa inyo un payment, namumutol kau ng connection pra makabayad kmi ng reconnection fee? wlang ganyan sa smart ah?

  63. Florinda Lobingco says:

    sir, naputol po ang internet ko last aug,2011 d ko binayaran dahil d po mahina signal dito sa amin.first week of Sept.2011 binyaran ko ang bill ko dahil gusto kong materminate na talaga ang application ko.pero according sa kausap ko sa hot line na nagintertain sa akin babalik na babalik daw ang internet ko kasi nabayarn ko na.di na daw ako magbbayad ng reconnection pay dahil bawas na daw sa aking bill dahil sa mga araw na wala kming internt.Pumayag ako na ereconnct,tapos sabi ng kausap ko sa hot line ng globe,na, sa next billingko ay mabbwasan na ng 5o percent ang bill ko.bali ang bill number ko noon na binayaran ko ay bill # 19, tapos knina I received bill # 20, bat ang amount ay 1o58.97 na ang bawat buwan kong ay795. Bakit ngayon ay nagincrease? kong nabawasan ang bill ko sa mga weeks na walang signal sa amin?thank you po.sana masagot ang tanong ko at maaksyonan po kaagad..eto po ang account # ko 83599720

  64. batang cebu says:

    mga putang ina yang taga globe..ako din nag pa disconnect dahil sa mahina ang internet.nagbayad ako ng 5,00 sa pag pa intall..tapos 5araw palang pina disconnect kona..kc mahina signal..ok daw..pero nang nag bayad na ako sa ibang account ko..kasama ang buwan2x na bayaran sakin..pag may problema 1week pa bago aksyonan..dapat sa mga ganyang negusyo ipa sira..


    In reference to your reminder letter dated Sept. 26,2011 to settle my overdue balance with your company in the amount of P2,158.92. Pls be informed that I am willing to settle the said acount.However,after having settled the same kindly effect immediate disconnection of our internet & Globe landline with telephone #347428027 under account #841447130.We
    could no longer pay our telephone & internet bills due to economic reason.
    Similarly, we are no longer using the said utilities.
    Thank you and more power!



    OCTOBER 17,2011
    In regards to your reminder letter dated Sept. 27,2011 regarding my past due amounting to P2,599.84. I promise to pay the said amount on December 15,2011 via LBC Office here in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental.I’m sorry I was not able to pay immediately for the reason that I was hard up to pay for the training expenses of my son.until now we are no longer using the unit for internet. I request you for an immediate disconnection for this internet subscription.
    Thank you for your your great concern.
    Truly yours,

    Account #841712359

  67. peter torres says:

    ask ko lang po kung ilang days before ma-reconnect ung globe landline and broadband namin..kasi po nung oct10,2011 pa kami nagbayad and then ilang beses na rin kami nagfollow up since noong nagbayad kami..hanggang kaylan pa ba kami maghihintay..

    • marco says:

      sino po may alam sa tanong ni peter? pakisagot nman plsss. gusto ko din malaman ilang days ma reconnect broadband.

  68. christopher collantes says:

    sir/madam ung previous bill ko #7 bill period ay 1975.45 nagbayad ako ng sept. 24, 2011 ng 2000 pesos sa waltermart globe tanauan city.with or# 8412-96396 handwritten lang kc ang or nila…pinutulan kami ng oct.6..tumawag ako that day sa hotline at nagpunta p sa waltermart globe ulit in scan nila resibo ko…ikinabit nila ulit ng hapon ang internet ko… tapos ng dumating ang bill ko #8 hindi nabwas ang ibnayad ko.nagpunta ulit ako sa globe..nagkamali daw ng sulat ng or# 8412-93696 . one month pa lang ang utang ko..oct.21 pa lang dapat.. paki ayos naman service nio.nakakapagod . gusto ko ng ipa disconect…kaya lng ako pa magbbyad ng dsconnection fee nio..ang usapan dito 795 lang monthly.. bakit ang laki ng vat nio..pls…account number 841296396.. promo kayo ng promo walang kwenta…

  69. ednalyn bravo says:

    once ba nagrequest for disconnection automatic na ndidisconnect nA?

  70. Genalyn taccad says:

    sir, gudpm! ask ko po kung bakit my bill n me agad, nagapakbit po ako ng internet oct.3,2011tpos nag cut-off po kyo ng oct.5. accdg po sa globe agaent nyo mr. myko estavillo- ang 1month po namin ay kung kailan kinabitan ng internt. sa loob ng 2 days-magbabayad ako ng 1091.28? bkit po kyo ganun? atska po duedate n nkalagy sa bill no.1 me is oct.26, but i receive the bill oct.29? ano po bang gusto nyong mangyari.. magkapenalty po ako? d n po makatao ang style nyo.

  71. ma.cirila l.ocapan says:

    good day..,!!!
    kindly reconnect my internet access…i;ve paid already my balance last october 26,2011 thru banco de oro….ma.cirila l.ocapan account #838871950.
    thank you…

  72. marichu r. del carmen says:


    Good day! I just received recently a letter coming from your office informing me that i have an overdue payment . I have my receipt of my payment #ENQ12000000000012363, dated Oct. 26, 2011.
    My connection has been in troubled for 2 weeks only nobody inform your office for I was at Cebu that time for my medical check up but my payments still the same.
    Pls. try to see again my account. Thanks !!!

  73. Liz Uy says:


    ang due date po ng internet namin is nito lng November 5 and hndi pa po namin nababayaran. I got an email from Globe na reminder sa due date ng internet bill namin. mga ilang days po bago ma disconnect? wala pa kasi kaming pmbayad

  74. nestor habadan pangan says:

    my past due ako isang buwan lang. nuong november 6 lang. kse nagbayad ako dlawang buwan noung october.

  75. raquel esteban siaga says:

    my bill for the past 2 months pls send it to my email add tnx

  76. raquel esteban siaga says:

    my internet bills po ilng buwan n kc wlang bills n dumadating

  77. maylene avila says:

    ask ko lng poh kng mgkano po ang bayad pg overdue. pero buwan buwan k namn nababayaran ung mga bill k.

  78. Joey says:

    To those inquiring on this site about your Globe concerns:

    Please do not direct your complaints and inquiries to this site. as this is not owned or even affiliated to Globe Telecom.

    Huwag po kayo magreklamo dito sa site na ito dahil hindi po ito tinitignan ng Globe. Hindi din po ito konektado sa Globe Telecom.

    Go to Globe’s official website.

    • Ronnel G. Ortiz says:

      e wla nmang matinong “CUSTOMER SUPPORT” dun sa official website nila….kaya d2 na kami nag rereklamo….

      • Donnie S. says:

        Idiot. Complaining here will do you jack. If you can’t get through the website or their hotline, have the common sense to go directly to the store.

  79. cris says:

    meron po akong dumadating na notice galing sa isang law office,sa kadahilanang di ko nabayaran ang balance ko sa globe.ganito po ksi,bakit ko naman babayaran ang bill ko eh palaging delay ang bill ninyo at sobrang bagal pa ng connection.2 po kc ang internet sa bahay.digitel at globe. eh mabagal na ang digitel,pero mas mabagal pa ang globe.saka sobra sobra ang cnicngil nyo samin. hindi kayo updated. tapos may tatawag samin para sabihin na bayaran nmin ang balance nmin.nanakot pa kyo na kesyo nasa law office na yung case na hindi namin pag babayad.
    hindi nmin gusto ag serbisyo nyo kaya maraming tao ang hindi nag babayad sa inyo.

  80. Wava Derosso says:

    Hi, i believe that i saw you visited my weblog thus i got here to return the favor?.I’m trying to to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its adequate to use a few of your ideas!!

  81. virginia says:

    i only have one bill from the time my internet was connected and until now i havent received any email from you giving my due.You always disconnect without notice and sends letter fr credit management.Im not that satisfied to my plan but im trying to pay half of it everytime to avoid disconnections.Pls do something to make it better.Marami ng ng rereact.Do agood job and they will pay you as good as what we got.

  82. Ronnel G. Ortiz says:

    totoo ba na ang VAT ay dun lng sa first bill???
    sa second bill wla na ang VAT???
    or hanggang forever na tlga ang VAT???
    yun kasu sabi nung nag install ng Globe Tattoo DSL namin…..
    nid replies po….almost mag 1 year na kami nagbabayad sa VAT na yan….

    salamat po….

  83. pilar mabini says says:

    matatanong lng po ako kng bakit ang laki ng bill ko samantalang august pa po naputol ung net connection ko matagal na po un kasi nasira po ang king laptop ang last bill ko noong august 2,694.25 bkit ngaun lumaki na ang bill ko disconnected nmn po ang aking net. sana ma paliwanagan nyo po ako.. may no.u can txt my no. 09479799483.

  84. mariza ramos says:

    paki padala ng regular bill monthly

  85. giera says:

    what website can I use see check my bill, my bill did not arrive and my due date usually is 29th of the month, now is the 29th.. reply asap

  86. Grace Alvarez says:

    follow up lang, nagbayad po ako nun january 3 2011, bakit wala pa rin po ung connection ng internet namin. ang sabi sa globe store within 24hrs. its almost 3 days na po wala pa rin ung net. nde ko alam kun san pa po kau pede kontakin maliban sa 730-1000. 🙁

  87. inah says:

    just wanna ask if i can pay my previous balances in staggard payment?

  88. Robert Diocera says:

    baket wala sagot ang globe sa mga tanong d2?


  89. Mark Angelo Maligang Ordoñez says:

    wag kaung stress na late lng ng 3weeks. nag padala na kau ng letter. pwede bang bigyan nyo muna ko ng madangang internet. completo lht ng bayad ko!

  90. jab says:

    tanong ko lang po sana kung pano ba yung payment pag mag-pplan sa globe yung phone. db po 2 years contract? pno yon, 2 years siya binabayaran as in every month? or 2 years siyang pdi bayaran to complete the payment? THANKS 🙂

  91. monina del rosario says:

    kailan ba pupuntahan ng technitian ang net namin 1 month na kami ala net nun feb 24 tapos may dumadating na bill e wala nga signal…nag repert na kami b phone wala nangyari …nag punta na ng personal wala pa din aksyon…anu ba to aayusin pa o hindi na?tnx

  92. monina del rosario says:

    please lng po paki puntahan naman as soon as posible

  93. myrna says:

    tanong k lang po, pwdi ko po, bang ipa update ang credit balance ng wimax connection ko.. s aking email? SALAMAT!

  94. MYRNA O. PEPITO says:

    tanong ko lang po, pwdi ko po, bang ipa update and credit balance ng wimax connection ko s aking email? SALAMAT!!

  95. MYRNA O. PEPITO says:

    dagdag tanong lang po,ng start po ako mgbayad noong september 5 2011. ng wimax connection ko through cebuanan. kaya lng po.. until now wala akung natanggay n bill for my connection…kc po ung iba d2 smin myroon silang bill n tinatangga. ako wala akung natangrap until now. SALAMAT PO!!

  96. pearl says:

    why is it that there is no reply of any of the there no costumer service of globe?

  97. berlin says:

    sir ask ko lng poh sn kung ano poh yong account globe o kung knino ko po pwdng ipngln ang s po hnd n po ako pumunta ng san fernando.

  98. d'leedon singapore says:

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  101. EVELYN SAMONTE says:

    we already pay the amount of P870.00 month of April 3, 2012 at bayad center of sto. nino meyc.,bulacan. our acct. no. 844621222.pls. check it.

  102. duh! says:

    people, this is a blog and not owned by globe. kaya asa kayo, wlang sasagot jan sa mga reklamo nyo.

  103. Fusion Electronics,Fusion marine audio,Fusion Car Audio says:

    I am not sure the place you are getting your information, but good topic. I must spend some time finding out much more or understanding more. Thank you for great information I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.

  104. Jovy villanueva says:

    Hi Sir/ma’am . Can i Ask how may i checked my Balance on my Internet Account online .. ?

  105. Bhel Diaz says:

    due date po ng bill ko is today 06-10-2012 pag bukas ko po binayaran ano po mangyayari? thank you?

  106. Remyu says:

    may outstanding balance pa kami. our has been disconnected already, just to clarify though disconnected na does it means wala na rin kaming internet. can we request for disconnection so that we could not be charge although our phone has been disconnected.

  107. Donnie S. says:

    THIS PAGE IS NOT MAINTAINED BY GLOBE, NOR IS CONNECTED TO GLOBE. Why are you lodging your complaints here, the proper channels and numbers are on your bill if you only took the time to read it. If you still don’t know where to find it, the number is 211 for post/prepaid handyphones, and 171 for landline. You can also call toll free at 027301010. I am not working for Globe, subscriber din lang ako like you guys. Pero unlike you idiots here, nagbabasa ako ng bill at kung may problema ako, tumatawag ako sa hotline. If the agent can’t answer my questions nor give a solution to my problem, I have the common sense to go to a globe store and file my complaints there.

  108. mercy abanador says:

    sir/madam bakit po yung bill namin hind dumating’ nong tumawag kame sa 7301000 as email ko daw nong tiningnan ko don bakit wala nman don yung bill namin pano ko yun mababayaran pati acount no. walang binigay samin> pakisagot nlang po kasi hind ako makapagbayad mapputulan na kame salamat

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