Globe Pasaload and Share-A-Load

Globe Pasaload is one of the most popular ways to pass load between Globe Phones. With Globe pasaload you can transfer the load from one prepaid Globe SIM to another Globe prepaid SIM card. The transaction happens almost instantly.

How to Pasaload Globe Instructions

  1. Text-in amount.
  2. Send the text to “2” plus your friend’s 10-digit phone number (P1.00 per transaction).
    Example: 2917xxxxxxx
  3. You and your friend will receive a message confirming the successful reload.
  4. After the first load, you will receive a text message prompting for a 4-digit PIN. Use it to protect your phone against unauthorized loading.
  5. Starting with your next load, text in amount and 4-digit PIN.
    Example: 5 1234

How To Share Regular Globe Load Value

Type of Transaction for Regular Load Value Procedure Example Transaction Fee
To Share-A-Load with PIN Text Amount PIN and send to 2+10 digit prepaid number 100 1212 send to 29161234567 P1.00/text
To Share-A-Load without PIN Text Amount and send to 2+10 digit prepaid number 100 send to 29161234567

How To Share Unlimited or Todo Text Globe Offers

Type of Transaction for Share Unlitxt/ Todo Text Procedure Example Transaction Fee
To Share Globe UNLITXT Day15 with PIN Text UNLITXTD15 4- character PIN and send to 2+10-digit prepaid number UNLITXTD15 1212 send to 29161234567 P1.00/text
To Share Globe UNLITXT Day15 without PIN Text UNLITXTD15 and send to 2+10-digit prepaid number UNLITXTD15 send to 29161234567
To Share Globe UNLITXT NYT10 with PIN Text UNLITXTN10 4- character PIN and send to 2+10-digit prepaid number UNLITXTN10 1212 send to 29161234567
To Share Globe UNLITXT NYT10 without PIN Text UNLITXTN10 and send to 2+10-digit prepaid number UNLITXTN10 send to 29161234567
To Share TM Todo Text 10 or Unlimited Dayshift Texting with PIN Text TM10 4 character PIN and send to 2+10-digit prepaid number TM10 1212 send to 29161234567
To Share TM Todo Text 10 or Unlimited Dayshift Texting without PIN Text TM10 and send to 2+10-digit prepaid number TM10 send to 29161234567

*Share-A-Load senders can be Globe Postpaid/Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers
*Unregistered/new prepaid & postpaid subscribers will be able to do Share-A-Load transactions, regardless of the amount, w/o PIN by default.
*The amount of load transferred plus a P1.00 transaction fee will be deducted from the sender’s personal balance.

Available Globe Load Values and Expirations

Load Value Free Text New Load Validity
P1 – 10 0 3 days
P11 – P19 0 15 days
P20 – P29 0 15 days
P30 – P39 0 15 days
P40 – P49 0 15 days
P50 0 15 days
P51 – P59 0 30 days
P60 – P69 0 30 days
P70 – P79 0 30 days
P80 – P89 0 30 days
P90 – P99 0 30 days
P100 0 30 days
P101 – P119 0 45 days
P120 – P150 0 45 days
P300* 35 75 days
P500* 85 120 days

*P300 and P500 denominations are for Postpaid Share-A-Load senders only.
*Load denominations P1-150 (with P1 increments) are also available for Globe Postpaid

Share Unlitxt/Todo Text Offer Free Text Unli-Time Duration Load Validity
Globe Unlitxt Dayshift15 0 8:00am – 4:59pm 1 day
Globe Unlitxt Nightshift 10 0 10:00pm – 7:59am 1 day
TM Todo Text 10 0 8:00am – 4:59pm 1 day

*Available to Globe Prepaid and TM senders only
*Share Unlitxt/Todo Text offers can be shared anytime.
*Share Unlitxt/Todo Text offers are available for Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid and TM senders.
*The amount of load transferred plus a P1.00 transaction fee will be deducted from the sender’s personal load balance.

Other Globe Share-A-Load Transactions

Type of Transaction Procedure Example Transaction Fee
To disable the use of Share-A-Load PIN in all transactions Text OFF PIN and send to 2916 OFF 1212 send to 2916 P1.00/text
To enable the use of Share-A-Load PIN in all transactions Text ON PIN and send to 2916 ON 1212 send to 2916
To register for the use of PIN for security Text REG 4-character PIN Mother’s maiden name and send to 2916 REG 1212 Santos send to 2916
To change PIN Text CHANGE old 4-character PIN new 4-character PIN and send to 2916 CHANGE 1212 3636 send to 2916
To retrieve PIN Text GET Mother’s Maiden Name and send to 2916 GET Santos send to 2916
For More Info on Share-A-Load Text HELP and send to 2916 HELP send to 2916
For More Info on Share-A-Load PIN Settings Text HELP PIN and send to 2916 HELP 1212 send to 2916
For a list of valid keywords Text HELP LIST and send to 2916 HELP LIST send to 2916

Transaction Limits

    • NO Share-A-Load transaction limits for Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers!
    • Share-A-Load transactions for Globe Postpaid are charged on top of their Mobile plans
    • Postpaid Subscribers will be subject to their existing Share-A-Load transaction limits based on their plan. The monthly Share-A-Load limits are:
      • Call Globe Customer Service Hotline by calling (02) 730-1000 from any landline phone, or 211 toll-free access from your Globe Postpaid number.
      • Go to the nearest Globe Wireless Center
      • Request for increase in postpaid Share-A-Load transaction limit is free of charge but subject to credit approval.
Plan 0-800: P500
Plan 1200-3500: P1000
Plan 5000 and above: P1500

Globe Pasaload to a Smart SIM

Unfortunately you can not transfer from Globe to Smart or vise versa. The easiest way to transfer load from a Globe SIM to a Smart SIM is to sell the Globe load and then purchase Smart load.

Globe Pasaload Online Now

It is possible to buy load online and have the retailer pasaload to your phone. This is really buying to load online but it will have the same effect as Globe Pasaload. Here is a list of sites you can use to Pasaload online to your Globe SIM.

50 Responses to “Globe Pasaload Shareaload”

  1. gemma says:

    maam & sir

    I like to sherd a load but I don’t know.hope you teaching me.thank you

  2. sherina says:

    maam .how to share globe load to smart??? thnx

    • Sheila says:

      It’s not possible.. its only globe-globe or globe-touch mobile. for smart it is smart to smart or smart to talk n’ text

  3. Rob says:

    Does not work at all for old prepaid sim.
    You should have post this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ma’am @ sir,how can i make share a load if i already forgot my mpin?how can i eraise having an mpin in every transaction of share a load?

    • donskister says:

      i also plan to share a load, but cannot get through because of the mpin? please help

      • Surjit says:

        you can send your personal nsiasssas on contracts across europe and asia and if the assassin succeeds you get money, jewels, etc. You recruit nsiasssas after destroying borgia towers. It wont let you recruit early in the game but halfway through you can. The reason for contracts is to upgrade your nsiasssas so if you call on them in battle they are harder to kill. The final level is 10 where they are finally considered a respected assassin. You can make them better by spending skill points on them. You do that by going to the pigeon coup and going to nsiasssas. Then click on one of your nsiasssas and spend away.Was this answer helpful?

      • Lisa says:

        I have to point out my gratitude for your kind-heartedness stuiorppng individuals that actually need help on this one area. Your very own dedication to passing the solution all-around appeared to be wonderfully advantageous and have usually made professionals just like me to arrive at their ambitions. Your informative instruction can mean a whole lot a person like me and far more to my office workers. With thanks; from each one of us.

    • anelle says:

      me too!! i cannot share-a-load because it keeps on asking for my MPIN, wherein I did not remember ever entering one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i forget also my pin? can anyone can help

    • Scarecrow says:

      To disable use of Share-A-Load PIN in all transactions

      Text OFF PIN and send to 2916

      OFF 1212 send to 2916

  6. Anonymous says:

    I try to share a load in my globe sim card but it requires to enter MPIN. I have’nt register a pin yet. how could it be i was a MPIN?

  7. allan says:

    i haven’t registered a pin too..
    and when i send lod to my globe, it says the recipient is temporarily blocked from doing share-a-load transactions. what do i nid to doo???

    • CHA says:

      call their hotline 211, they will be the one to reset your MPIN, after this you may now do a share-a-load transactions w/o mpin. just be ready for the 16 digit number found at the back of ur card for verification purposes.

  8. ARLENE says:

    I share load to my friends number but the message i received is “you have successfully shared P100 to 09161234567.” How could I correct this one.

  9. Globe says:

    email lang sa globe.

    To: custhelp@xxx


    Message: State your complete Name, Mobile Number at 16 digit Serial Number na nasa likod ng GLobe SIM nyo.. State the problem in detail.. Be courteous and polite.. say Please and Thank you..

    kung nakalimutan nyo ung PIN… ang gagawin lang nila ay irereset ang SHARE-A-LOAD PIN.. tapos makakatanggap ka ng message sa CP mo na na-reset ang PIN. pwde kna ulit mag SAL ng walang PIN.. 🙂
    Hope this helps.. 🙂

    PS: ALways send your reply @ custhelp@xxx… yun lang..

  10. hoho says:

    1234 yung default na MPIN, kaya kung wala kayong na aalala na nagregister kayo text OFF 1234 and send to 2916 😀

  11. Mikee says:

    gusto ko sanang mag-SAL from here in Dubai,UAE to pinas…pede ba itong gawin sa gamit kong Globe roaming sim ? need ko bang ilagay pa ung country code na +63…
    thanks & kind regards,

    • Marcondes says:

      After you pay initial 4.95$ you get 3 days tniinarg period what everyone must pass trough and after you get access to VIP area. Job is easy to do because in that 3 days you will learn everything.

  12. jun says:

    gusto ko sanang magload sa cellphone ng kapatid ko nanasa pinas can i use a regular phone d2 sa usa?

    • Jean says:

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  13. Ella says:

    Just fallow the instruction tssss

  14. sheila says:

    pano po pag nakalimutan na ung maiden’s name para ma retrieve ung pin? anong gagawin?

    • carla says:

      need to share a load to my touch mobile from my globe , di ma share kasi nakalimutan ko ang oin ko tapos i caleed 211 they are asking of mother’s maiden name pero nakalimutan ko rin 🙁 pano ba to ? need help .. please 🙁

  15. Jc Arroyo says:

    nu ba ang gawin ku dito? pag e stop ku ung unlitxt ku nag sasabi ito na wala ako naka register sa unlitxt. at kapag mag pa unli ako nag sasabi ito na registered pa ako sa unlitxt. Pano ba to?

  16. sdfjkd says:

    Share a load and win a friend.
    Share a load and win a friend.
    Share a load and win a friend.
    The quick brown fox jumps over the head of the lazy dog.
    The quick brown fox jumps over the head of the lazy dog.
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    The quick brown fox jumps over the head of the lazy dog.
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  17. Aaron says:

    panu po mag-send ng globe load to TM??need reply, asap! Thank You!

  18. anonymous says:

    yun sim card ko blocked daw from recieving share a load. what can i do??

  19. Ja says:

    I bought a globe prepaid sim card recently and when i tried to share a load to my TM sim card it says my number ( new globe sim) is blocked, what should i do?

  20. angela says:

    san isesend???

  21. noeL says:

    can be pasaload to smart?

  22. luke says:

    how to block a prepaid TM sim card..?

  23. myr says:

    bkit ganun naka block daw ang number ko d pede share a load? tawag daw ako customer service wala nmn sumasagot sa hotline nila ring lang ng ring…panu po b i unblock un?

  24. hector says:

    can yoiu tell me how to share-a-load with MPIN? i have a MPIN with me but i says that its wrong OMY,

  25. farla says:

    what a useless service! not so helpful. sayang ang time. before doing any type of service make sure sure that it works properly.

  26. jhas says:

    it is possible ba na makapag share a load using may tatoo stick, and how? the reply to me is my sim is blocked how can i unblocked this if there’s no one answering the hotline.

  27. amar says:

    nobody knows how long a Globe mobile phone number remains alive if it is not charged or reloaded. Any help? As I keep coming and going to Philippines, I need that as I put in 300 peso reload and when I came back, there was no balance!

  28. Cathy says:

    how to share a load from tm to globe??please help..

  29. joemiaz12 says:

    i want to share my load to my online game play like E POINTS, but i don’t know how to share or load by my globe load. plz help me guyz.
    just email me,

  30. lhea says:

    Hi, I need the confirmation number of the transaction I made, but I already deleted the text. Can I still retrieve it?

  31. trevor says:

    i tried sharing a load to another cp but failed. response from 2916 was “Transaction failed since your Share ALoad MPIN is turned on. please retry your transaction wit an MPIN entry”. I s.ent a messages to 2916, 1st message “OFF 1234″”, response was “sorry you entered an invalid keyword”. I tried several more times with “GET ” but still failed to get worthwhile response. I sent a message several times again to 2916 “HELP”. Again, the answer was “transaction failed. you entered an invalid keyword. This boggles my mind as to what brain level I need to be able to share a load. By inquiring from 2916 about the mechanics of sharing a load at Php1.00/transaction, I actually spent mote than the amount I wanted to share a load. This really is frustrating so I am thinking of subscribing to another provider. Hello GLOBE. Keep on LAUGHING on your way to the bank.

  32. jet says:

    tanong ko lng po, bkit po ung pisong shinare, n dapat maeexpire in 3days, pero nangyayari samin, pagkashare po, maya maya lang wala na. bale po, may freetext kmi sa globe from autoloasmax reward.nagagamit po kasi ang freetext pag may airload khit piso. tanong ko lng bakit wala pang 3days, nawawala na, pero ang confirmation, e with in 3days ang validity ng piso..

  33. Marion... says:

    How can i share my free text from my call card load?

  34. Ely says:

    Good day. I got 900 free taxt. Can I pasa these free text to other globe.

  35. Sun says:

    hi… it is posible to transfer load from Dubai to Philippines?

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