Globe Autoloadmax

Autoloading requires: no dialing, no scratching of call cards, no keying in of PINs.

AutoLoadMax on International Phones

For Globe subscriber in abroad and Overseas Filipino worker (OFW), Globe has International AutoLoadMAX service with web partners to reload Globe roaming prepaid SIM. To buy Globe Autoloadmax when outside the Philippines you will need to use a loading service.

How Autoloadmax works

  1. The Autoloadmax component entails each member’s having a Banco De Oro Cash Card account from which he/she can reload credits over-the-air. Automatic reloads are done via automatic deduction from the Cash Card account once every month, with the option of loading additional credits to one’s own account, or another Globe Prepaid/TouchMobile via real-time or over-the-air.
  2. The referral aspect entails members’ earning commissions from each reload done done over the system by him/self and by referrals up to the third level, whether automatically or via real-time reloading.

The automatic load system works by automatically deducting a minimum load amount (Globe php300, TM php200) from your cash card account once a month. Your account will then earn a commission of 1% from every reload by yourself, or by your referrals (downlines) up to the third level, via the system. You can earn anything from ‘pambawi’ ng minimum p300 load to tens of thousands per month.


1. Do I have to have a Banco De Oro account to avail of the program?

You don’t need to have a BDO account, since the Starter Kit includes the BDO Cash Card, which is in effect your BDO account itself. It’s something like the BPI Express Cash Card or a Smart Money card. It’s an ATM-capable debit card that has its own deposit-type account with BDO, plus some advanced features like over-the-air fund transfer, balance inquiry, etc.

2. How much does it cost to maintain a 20-person globe referral (per the example)? Is that PhP 6,000 (20 x 300)?

Just your initial investment of PhP 55.00, and your personal monthly autoload of PhP300. You see, you don’t have to spend a cent for your referrals; they shell out the PhP 55 for their kit and each subsequent kit they purchase for their own distribution, and the monthly PhP 300 minimum automatic load for their own accounts. The kit you will purchase for your referrals will be reimbursed by their PhP 55 purchase of their own kit from you. Each additional kit you provide them (for their own referrals, and your own downline), they will also have to pay PhP 55 for. So you shell out PhP 55 per kit first (available from me, from Globe business partners, and soon from Globe Business Centers), then sell these at cost.

3. Where does exchange of money occur? Is it between the one I’ve autoloaded and myself?

Exchange of money occurs only when you purchase starter kits, and when you make deposits to your BDO cash card account (needed initially to activate the BDO Cash Card, and for the compulsory monthly autload of PhP 300 … later on, we’re assuming the commissions will pay for the monthly required autoload). As for the commissions, these are automatically credited to your BDO cash card account. Commissions automatically accrue to your account and are credited every 27th of the month, assuming it’s PhP 50 or greater.

The principle here is not like the Smart E-load or Globe Autoload Max where you have to sell prepad credits to other people and earn from the spread/margin (something like 13% for Smart eload). In the Autoload Advantage system, you don’t sell anything, not even the kit, technically, as the point is that you ‘refer’ your friends/family members/contacts to the system. You have the option, though, of using the over-the-air reloading feature to reload prepaid credits into your own Globe/TM account (with this, you and your uplines up to the third level earn 1% of whatever you load via the system), and also other Globe/TM accounts.

4. Isn’t it still better to buy prepaid cards since they cost cheaper than their denomination, say, P285 for a P300 load?

Yes, buying prepaid cards is generally cheaper, but consider this: reloads via prepaid scratch-card or autoload max are not credited into the system, so if your downlines reload the conventional way, you (and your upline) don’t earn the 1% commission. Furthermore, the networks are in the process of phasing out card-based prepaid reloads, as they entail much overhead (imagine the cost of printing millions of prepaid cards), as opposed to over-the-air reloads, which cost much less for them.

Basically, the idea is to shift away from the conventional scratch-a-card system of reloading. The system allows you to have an automated means of reloading your cellphone, while earning at the same time. Also, Globe benefits by being assured that each prepaid account reloads at least PhP 300/200 per month (therefore lessening the account dormancy rate). So both sides benefit in this case.

5. Do I need to sell prepaid credits?

No. The program is not about selling prepaid credits. If you want to sell prepaid credits, then Globe Autoload Max or Smart e-load is the program for you (you may also contact me so I can refer you to an Autoload Max / Smart e-load dealer). But you’d rather earn without having to sell prepaid credits wouldn’t you (and earn much more at that)?

6. So how can I earn?

You earn 1% of the amount of every reload made by yourself and your downlines/referrals (up to the third level) via the system. This includes the mandatory (automatic) reloading of PhP 300 (for Globe)/PhP 200 (for TM) and other real-time or over-the-air reloading you make to your own account, or your downlines with their own accounts.

Once you have referred contacts, you are assured of earnings, since the system automatically debits PhP 300 (or PhP 200 for Touch Mobile) from each member’s BDO account and reloads the Globe/TM account with the same. Therefore, you can assume you automatically earn about PhP 3.00 per month times the number of the people in your network.

Simple math: If you have 20 people directly under you, who each have 20 people directly under them, that makes 1 (yourself) + 20 (your friends) + 400 (your friends’ friends) = 421 x 300 (the monthly automatic load for Globe) x 1% = PhP 1,263 per month. Pwede nang pambawi ng load. And if you assume each of their friends can refer about 20 persons each, that’s 1 + 20 + 400 + 8000 = 8421. Multiply this by the PhP 300 minimum load = PhP 2,526,300. Multiplied by 1% = PhP 25,263 every month credited to your account.

This is only an example. It’s an ideal case, but it’s not far from being attainable. Having 10 direct referrals, with about 5 referrals each, who in turn have 5 referrals each, you earn 1 + 10 + 50 + 250 = 311. Multiply this by the monthly PhP 300 automatic load = PhP 933 per month. Not bad for referring ten friends to the system. There is no minimum nor maximum for the number of members under your network; the only limitation is that your network will only comprise downlines up to the third level, meaning your friends’ friends’ friends. After building up your network, you can sit back and enjoy watching funds accrue to your BDO Cash Card account.

Free internet: use SUN PREPAID with ZERO balance. APN=minternet. dialup: *99# or *99***1#. user & pwd: blank.

7. How do I get my earnings?

Commissions are credited automatically to your BDO Cash Card account. As such, you can either (1) Withdraw the amount via ATM using your Cash Card; (2) Use your Cash Card for purchases at any SM Department Store; or (3) Use the funds in your Cash Card account to reload your Globe Prepaid account. You can also use your BDO Cash Card to transfer funds to other Cash Card accounts over-the-air (via mobile phone).

8. Can I monitor my earnings/network?

You can monitor your earnings and your network either via SMS or the web. You have the option of keying in certain keywords (GROUP and EARNINGS) + Mobile PIN and sending to 2250. You can also login to to monitor your network and earnings.

9. What if the funds in my BDO Cash Card account are not enough for the automatic reload?

If your Globe account fails to be automatically reloaded, i.e. your BDO Cash Card account does not have the PhP 300 (PhP 200 for TM) minimum to automatically load your system (either every 3rd or 17th of the month, depending on your preference), you forefeit any earnings for that month. Should this occur three consecutive months, you are automatically out of the system, and your downline will become direct downlines of your upline.

10. What if I lose my SIM?

You can assign another Globe/TM cellphone number to your Autload Advantage accout. Simply report the loss to the Autoload Advantage toll-free number, and then login to to change the mobile number for your account.

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      If you do not have a credit card yuorself you can use a parents or a friendsI use my moms credit card to pay for WoW (technically they pay for WoW for me too)My Brothers friends uses my brothers credit card to pay for WoWBut if you dont want to mooch off of your friends or family you can buy game cards which they have at most;Best Buys, Game Stops and Walmarts but buying with a credit card is easier and you can buy 6 months at once for cheaper which i do it goes from 15$ s a month to 12$ s a month. What you do is pay 72$ every 6 months.

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    networks are in the process of phasing out card-based prepaid reloads, as they entail much overhead (imagine the cost of printing millions of prepaid cards), as opposed to over-the-air reloads, which cost much less for them >over-the-air reloads should be cheaper. and the more the commission should be awarded. imagine the cost you save for not printing etc.

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