Philippine Load for Globe, Smart and Sun phones.

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Philippine Load Companies

There are 3 mobile phone companies is the Philippines. Smart Telecom which is a PLDT company, Globe Telecom which is an Ayala Group Company and Sun Cellular. Smart is the largest mobile carrier in the Philippines and Globe is the 2nd largest followed by Sun. All three of these carriers use SIM cards to provide cellular services. Prepaid phone plans are by fare the most popular way to stay connected in the Philippines. All three providers have prepaid options and SIMs. In the Philippines recharge is referred to as “Load”.

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What is load?

Load is a term used in the Philippines for mobile phone prepaid credits or airtime. Load can be used for text messaging, talking or downloading mobile content from any prepaid phone. Load can also be transferred between mobile subscribers on the same operator network. For example, if I am on Globe I can transfer some of my load balance to another phone on the Globe network. This is known as sharing load. Load is sold in different amounts that vary by carrier. In the Philippines, load can be purchased at any sari sari, mobile phone shop or convenience store such as 7/11 or Mini-Stop. Load is sold in the form of a scratch card, or elaod also known as electronic load. All loads have an expiration period that will vary by the size of load purchased. Outside the Philippines you can purchase load from Filipino specialty shops or online from internet merchants or qualified load dealers.

How to Buy Load

In the Philippines recharge load can be purchased for Globe, Smart or Sun phones at practically any store. If you are outside the Philippines buying load is not as easy. Buying recharge load online is one of the best options if you need load quickly or if you are not in the Philippines. Buying load online is available all the time where as physical stores close and then you wont be able to buy load.

Buy Load Online

There are a few reputable online retailers of Philippine load for Globe, Smart and Sun cell phones. We have reviewed and shopped around for the cheapest load options available. Here are the best places to buy load online »

Globe Pasaload

Globe telecom allows you to share your SIM cards load with other Globe customers. This service is called Globe Pasaload and is one of their most popular services. Learn how to Pasaload Globe here »

Smart Pasaload

Smart allows you to share your SIM cards load with other Smart cell customers. This service is called Smart Pasaload. Service fees are charged when pasaload with Smart. Learn how to Pasaload Smart here »

Sun Give a Load

Sun allows you to share your SIM cards load with other Sun cellular customers. This service is called Sun Give a Load. Service fees are charged when pasaload with Sun. Learn how to Give a Load Sun here »

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There are many sites online that offer free load but beware. Many of them are scams and are really looking to get your information and then spam you. If you are interested in getting free load visit our free load page for recommendations.

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  1. Charice says:

    I love globe. Been using for 5 years with no problem 🙂

  2. James says:

    What do you think of the new Tattoo SIMs?

  3. isiah says:

    pa load naman plsss

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. arsi says:

    globe is so cool.

  6. mae. says:

    walang signal globe samen so for me, smart rocks!

  7. Chery says:

    .wow..i am a smart user for almost 9 years.. should i say that I deserve to have a free load…f ever they give me a chance.. thank you…God Bless you..

  8. joana joyce b. cabanan says:

    please i want to text my mom please

  9. i’ve been a globe user since I am in 2nd year high school, and still, i am using the same sim. haha! I’m in 4th year college now, so I think, i deserve such. Globe really knows how to handle things like these. Being generous gives success. GODBLESS! 😀

  10. fs says:

    it’s very nice 🙂

  11. giannachristia says:

    i love globe 😉 been using it since 2004

  12. globe sucks! says:

    nangangain ka na load!

    • arlene says:

      tama nanga2in sila ng load.. mag popose aq sa facebook. about sa servise nila.. customer tau pero dinadaya nila tayo!! sucks!!

      • Jazlyn says:

        Super informative wtriing; keep it up.

        • Rahul says:

          من نمی دونم چرا اون لینک لود رو چرا پیدا نکردم !این تموم چیزیه که من میبینم : InstallThe recommended way to inltasl user styles is to use Firefox with Stylish. .Install as user script (How?).(This is only true if you’re using

  13. reginald says:

    penge nmn ako ng free load

    • MaLen says:

      Ako rin:C

    • Faheem says:

      . Qo Ekamutn Internetum internet ibsuness dproc@ iskapes bacarik hnaravorutun er boloris hamar . Ays mi qani shabatva @ntacqum mez aynqan proffesional ev kazmakerpvac kerpov matucvec nor informacian ,vor Internet ibsuness ashxarh@ darcav miangamamayn harazat vayr indz hamar ev es patrastvum em hastatvel ev sharunakel aystex. Bolor nranq ovqer derevs tarakusum en masnakcel nor sksvox daserin te voch ,es mecaguin patasxanatvutiamb ev vstahutiamb erashxavorum em ,masnakceq ev dzer arjev kbacven nor drner ,hnaravorutunner ev iharke amboxjovin nor giteliqner Da dzezanic shat ban chi xli,ev ardunqum inch kunennaq anhamemateli e linelu !!! Mi hapaxeq !!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    very good

  15. pinay ako says:

    ang mobile service providers sa pinas masyado matakaw… ang taas ng rate per minute, tapos and ikli ng validity ng load. sa pinas lng may pinakamataas na rate ng text messages. it should cost cents or free. each service providers have millions of subscribers. in india, though they have big population, they also have so many mobile service providers so the number of subscribers are almost the same as in pinas, but their rates are so low, just 0.01/min on call, there is even a half cent per min!

    i remember when globe and smart are protesting against sun kasi mababa ang rates ng sun, but actually it’s still quite high. they are just so greedy!

  16. SmartLoad says:

    We offer SMART load, by PayPal, valid for any SMART SIm, Smart Buddy and Smart Talk n’ Text SIM whether in the Philippines or abroad.

    You can load from 30 until 2000 pesos or more, with a little fee of 1$ for any transaction. The load will be available within 24 hours.
    This is the email for send/request load:

    • mary ann morales says:

      how can i use the load sent to me??i tried sending a mms after i received it but i cannot make a call or text internationally when i just received 1,000pesos worth of load i received it by my smart number but the smart recorded voice just keep on answering me with i’m zero balance and i cannot contact smart customer care… so how can i use the load being sent to me

  17. april corteza crisostomo says:

    may nanloloko kc sakin nag papangp ng pcso xa nanalo daw ako ng 950,000,00 name nya daw ryan cojuangco twgan ko daw xa

  18. Anonymous says:

    pnu poh maaus ung sim ko n globe at mabalik s dti???kc n sim rejected po..i need help plzzzzz….
    mtagal ko n poh gnagamit ung simcard n un…

  19. nhudz says:

    thanks to chikka your the best

  20. Anonymous says:

    kahit po nka kontrata smartbro nmin bat di po pwede diskonek?galing tita ko s smart kasi cya nglalakad..tinawanan lang daw cia na pa diskonek?why?

  21. allen tattoo says:

    hahahhha naloka namn ako dun…. sa cnabi nung isang messenger.. guys panu pala pa ung unli calls sa SUN and GLOBE tatto?…. i hope magreply kau salamt…….

  22. baag says:

    manga tangina kau

  23. danna mae says:

    ta di ko alam kung paano eh haha sorry!!!!

    • Indian says:

      This is exactly what I was lkoonig for. Thanks for writing!

      • Federico says:

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  24. Ryan says:

    Hi there

    Selling LOAD SMART/GLOBE/SUN PLDT AND MUCH MORE ONLINE 24/7 payment PAYPAL AND SMARTMONEY 09499530368 YM murro_ryan skype ryan_d.murro bili na

  25. jennicca says:

    galing talaga ngi still sant get it..

  26. don garcia says:

    plod nmn jn e2 un no. ko 09168271122

  27. sansui says:

    i want to try it…

  28. jovy says:

    smart is not good 2 me,…magnanakaw at magdadaya talaga ang smart kc nakakapag registered aq ng unlicall pero hinde ako makakatawag……….susssssssss!…….anong klasing network yan? palagi nalng bang ganyan?

  29. mary ann morales says:

    how can i use the load sent to me??i tried sending a mms after i received it but i cannot make a call or text internationally when i just received 1,000pesos worth of load i received it by my smart number but the smart recorded voice just keep on answering me with i’m zero balance and i cannot contact smart customer care… so how can i use the load being sent to me just incase smart is concern with their clients problem about this then pls. smart help me how can i use my load +639071996682…pls,inform me how can i use my load it’s 1,000pesos worth of load

  30. bogs says:

    tarantadoh..talagah 2ng smart natoh fuck.sarap gilitan ng leeg mga operator..mgah pera/ausin nyo ngah serbisyo niyoh.!mgah gagoh!

  31. Philip John F. Verallo says:

    i need load for activation of my sun # internet here my 09324646310.thank you..

  32. roda greenwood says:

    pano ko makukuha ang load?

  33. ASD says:

    Who`s the author of this article and when it is published? Thankyou! 🙂

  34. ASD says:

    PS I need to know the information now, it is a need for our thesis eh. Thankyou!

  35. jin says:

    gara ng smart delay amg msg pano n lng kng my emergnc.

  36. jm says:

    pwede vah pahenge nang load? pls!!! at ano ang bago nang promo ng smart ngaun?

  37. jm says:

    e2 pala ang # q sa smart 09997350076 thank u po..

  38. ruel says:

    wala na ba kayong load? pa load n kayo dito
    accepts paypal

  39. MaLen says:

    Hm. HAHAH 😀 Unli , pero n baban :33 poga !! Nag UNLI pa :33 manbaban din nmn

  40. kathlyn says:

    .,. guys help me nman ohh.,.,. anu ba mas madaling gamitin sa sim? smart,glove o sun?

  41. vmobileforum says:

    Earn as many as you can from load. For business or personal use!

    You can earn as much as 3,000+ per day. visit for details.

  42. froy says:

    cnu nagbebenta dito ng used retailer sim ng smart (most preferably talk n text) leave lang po kayo ng message, i am willing to pay up to 150 for the used, old but still working retailer sim.. thanks

  43. summer smith says:


  44. getpaiddollar says:

    Get paid dollar daily; watch video here:

  45. Jerry says:

    I have been sending loads from here in the US through this site and never had a problem

  46. michaelkimpson says:

    hi james i dont normaly give it out but here is there web address
    filling address , they have a wealth of knowledge , mention michael kimpson recommened you

  47. siehmi says:

    if ever po na gagawa kami ng machine para sa load ng tatlong company panu po pede loadan ung machine?may balak po kc kaming gumawa ng loading machine….tnx po! god bless!

  48. Vmobile says:

    Hi guys gusto nyo ba kumita habang ng coconsume lng kayo ng load ikaw family mo friends mo at mga kabaranggay mo madali lng po for more info add nyo po ako sa fb nyo kahit po mga nasa ibang bansa pede po kayo mgka extra income gamit ang roaming nyo salamat po godbless all!!!
    Di lng po yan may discount pa kayo sa bawat pgloload nyo sa mga cp nyo ng 8-11 % nakatulong kana sa mga kapamilya mo at kaibigan mo kumikita kapa consumer impowerment.

  49. Em Em says:

    What is better ? Smart or Globe ? Please reply…

  50. brix says:

    smart simlply amazing

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